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IEC Code is an unique number and business passport for import and export goods outside India. Obtain IEC Registration online with our professional assistance. Our experts help you in ICEGATE Verification along with an IEC license. Help you export goods and services without paying GST. Avail free consultancy on export import business from our experienced business advisors.


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Import Export Code, which is commonly abbreviated as IEC is the first registration required for the business entities who are dealing in Importing or exporting of goods and services from India. IEC is issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). It is a passport for import and export business.


# When IEC is Required ?:-Import Export Code required in the business of export or import of goods and services in India.

# Issuance Authority:- IE Code issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Government of India.

# Annual Renewal Required:- IE Code is no more one-time process. Import Export Code requires annual renewal.

# No Returns filling:- IE Code neither requires any kind of returns filling nor any further procedural compliances.

# Custom & Banks Requirement:- IE Code requires to quote with customs authorities/banks for importing & exporting goods and making or receiving payment to/from international vendors.

# AD Code:- Authorized dealer code required for customs clearance while exporting goods outside India. It can be obtained from the bank.



The Import Export Code (IEC) license is a key business identification number which is mandatory for Exports or Imports from India. No business can make any import or export without an IEC Code Number granted by the DGFT.

In case of if you are doing import or export of services or technology transfer, the IEC Code shall be required only when the service provider or technology provider is seeking benefits under the Foreign Trade Policy or is dealing with specified services or technologies under Section 7 of Foreign Trade (Development & Regulation) Amendment Act, 2010.

An exporter before the shipment of goods and services. The exporter must apply for LUT before the start of the financial year for which they wish to export. The benefits of export under LUT are extending to all registered persons who intend to supply goods/ services.


The following stakeholders are eligible for Import Export Code Exemption:

1. Central or state Government ministries or departments.

2. Individuals importing or exporting items for personal use that are unrelated to trade, manufacturing, or agriculture.

3. Individuals importing or exporting products from or to Nepal, Myanmar via Indo-Myanmar border areas, or China, providing the CIF value of a single consignment does not exceed Rs.25000. The relevant exemption ceiling for Nathula port is Rs.1 lakh.

Find the eligibility criteria for Import Export Code Exemption at - IEC Number Exempted Categories.pdf.


Importers and Exporters can apply for Import Export Code Online. Thus, the need for Digital Signature of business owner / director for Import Export Code arises.

Digital Signatures [DSC] are the most preferred way to apply for the online IEC code application.

The DGFT also has a one-of-a-kind Digital Signature Certificate that it issues to organisations who already have an IEC code for export and import. Using this one-of-a-kind DSC, applicants can save up to 50% on License Fees.

E-Startup India can help arranging digital signature [DSC] for the applicant


  • 1

    Upload the required documents & information to our web portal.

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    Choose Package and Pay online with different payments modes available.

  • 3

    Our professional will prepare the application in prescribed format for IE Code.

  • 4

    Attach applicants digital signature & file online application before DGFT.

  • 5

    DGFT officials will verify & process the application within a week.

  • 6

    After successful verification provides Import Export Code certificate over the email.

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1. Passport Size Photograph.

2. PAN Card.

3. Bank Account Details.

4. Pre Printed Cancel Cheque.

5. Certificate from Bank.

6. Address Proof.


The Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG) Scheme, as the name implies, is a Government scheme to boost exports.

The EPCG Scheme allows import of capital goods including spares for pre production, production and post production at zero custom duty subject to an export obligation of 6 times of duty saved on capital goods imported under EPCG scheme, to be fulfilled in 6 years reckoned from Authorization issue date.

The manufacturers, Exporters and Merchant Exporters are eligible to avail this Scheme.The Scheme also applies to a service provider who has been recognised / accredited as a Common Service Provider (CSP).

You can avail EPCG Scheme having Import Export Code by submitting an application provided in Appendix 10 A of the Handbook, along with the papers required therein, to the Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) or to the regional Licensing authorities, along with the relevant information/documents.

The terms and obligations under EPCG Scheme are as follows-

1. The obligation to export must be met by the export of products created or manufactured by the utilization of the capital goods that are imported in the scheme.

2. Exports should be direct exports under the names of the person who is importing. The importer can export via a third party as long as they are registered as the person who is the importer or licence holder is included on the Shipping Bill. If a trader exporter is the importer, the brand name should be included on the Shipping Bill.

3. The proceeds from exports shall be repaid in freely convertible currency.

4. Exports are physical exports. Deemed exports will also be considered in the fulfillment of the export obligation, however, the licensee is not legally entitled to any benefit of deemed exports.

5. The obligation to export is as a supplement to other obligations for export that is undertaken by the importer, and is over and beyond the average value of exports of the identical product by him over the previous three licensing years. If an exporter can achieve an export amount of 75 percent of the total value of production of the particular products exported, then the obligation to export in this scheme is subsumed as part of that export, subject to however that the value of aggravated those exports in the defined time period cannot be less than the total worth of the contract.

6. In the event that the exporter manufacturer has obtained licenses to manufacture the same export item under this scheme as well as the Duty Exemption Scheme, the physical exports made in accordance with the Duty exemption Scheme shall also count towards the fulfillment of the export obligation under this scheme.

7. In the case that computer software is exported The obligation to export computer software will be determined according to the policy, but the requirements that exports should be more than and beyond the average of exports over the previous three licensing years will not apply.

Verify Icegate Registration

The ICEGATE Registration Verification Utility allows you to learn about your ICEGATE ID, Role, Registration Date, and Registered Filling Service.

All this information is essential for you to keep your import export business running.

To verify your ICE Gate Registration, you can utilize the official link:


After completing the integration process, you can match IEC with GSTIN at:


Matching GSTIN and IEC

Every business owner who plans to export from India must get the Import Export Code (IEC) and Goods and Services Tax (GST), two essential documents or licenses.

For all small, medium, and big business owners to be eligible for schemes and benefits, they must also connect their GST with IEC on the ICEGATE website.

Furthermore, Matching these two numbers assists customs officers in ensuring that the information given by the merchant is consistent across multiple government databases and avoids any anomalies that might lead to customs clearance or taxation difficulties.

Therefore, you must also integrate your GSTIN with IEC using


Restricted or Prohibited import Goods

Restricted Import Goods:

These are goods that can be imported into India, but only with the permission of the government.

You can get the complete list of Restricted Import Goods at:


Prohibited Import Goods:

These are goods that are not allowed to be imported into India under any circumstances.

You can get the complete list of Prohibited Import Goods at:



A Certificate of Origin (CO) is an important international business document. The Certificate of Origin verifies that the products in an export cargo were entirely obtained, produced, manufactured, or processed in a certain country.

In other words, the Certification of Origin declares the product's "nationality" and also acts as a statement by the exporter to meet customs or trade regulations.

Customs, banks, private parties, and importers all require CoOs for a numerous of reasons. Also, Almost every country in the globe requires CoO for customs clearance operations, thus IEC Code License holders also need to apply for Certificate of Origin if he/she planning to export outside India.

A Certificate of Origin is issued by both the Indian Chamber of Commerce as well as Trade Promotion Council of India. Moreover, Import Export Code License Holders can two types of Certificate of Origin.

# Non-preferential Certificate of Origin specifies that the products being exported/imported do not get preferential tariff treatment and that the applicable charges must be imposed on the items being transported.

# Preferential Certificates of Origin are issued to products that are subject to preferential tariff treatment in the payments of tariffs. Preferential COs help in verifying commodities that are subject to lower taxes or allowances when exported to countries that provide these benefits. These COs are frequently linked to Regional Trade Agreements.





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frequently asked questions

Yes, you can apply for IEC without having GST Registration. However, you will need to submit your PAN Card details for IEC Code Registration application. 


The Importer-Exporter Code (IEC) is an essential business identification number that is compulsory for both Exporters and Importers. It is issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Ministry of Commerce. No individual can engage in export or import activities without acquiring an IEC, except in cases of specific exemption.


Yes, you can use IEC Code Registration for both goods and services. However, it is important to note that one import export code is issued against a single PAN. Furthermore, it is mandatory to have IEC Registration in case services exporters want to claim benefits under foreign trade policy.

IEC stands for Import-Export Code. It is a 10 Digit unique code issued by directorate general of foreign trade (DGFT) of commerce and industries ministry of government of India
Any person or business type who intends to import or export goods and services from or to India must require an Import Exports Code
Import Export Code can be obtained within 1 week from the date of filing application.

ICEGATE is an online portal of Central Board of Excise and Customs [CBEC] which facilitates import export-related services to the trade and cargo carriers and other users of Customs Department.

ICE GATE Verification ensures that a business entity's IEC Code registration is duly updated in government custom records.

With ICE GATE verification, Exporter/ Importer never face any kind of hitch doing import and export of goods and services due to non-availability of data in government custom authority records.

IEC holder has to ensure that details in its IEC is updated electronically every year, during April-June period.

As per recent notification, DSC is not required to apply import exports code.  
No, you will receive final soft copy of IEC certificate over the email
IEC is just a license allowing the import and export of goods. Therefore, no return is required to be filed under IEC code.
Any kind of business can apply for Import-Export Code Registration who are into the export-import business irrespective of any business entity
There is no penalty for not having an IE code but importing and exporting are not possible without an IE code.
Generally, it takes 3 to 7 days to get the IE code certificate after the submission of all required documents and information
Yes, you can fill AD Category Bank details in IEC. There is space to fill only one Bank account details in IEC application and the same will be shown in your IEC Registration Certificate. It is always advisable to put that banker details with whom you deal regularly and have good relations.  

AD (Authorised Dealer) Category Bank
 means the bank who deal with the conversion of currency notes, coins or travelers' cheques designated in foreign currency into Indian Rupees and vice versa. Their objective is to provide easier foreign exchange facilities for travelers and tourists, including NRIs.

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