Agri Exports May Grow 15% In FY22: Commerce Ministry

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The ministry of APEDA stated that exports of products such as rice, meat, cereals, and milk products were predicted to rise at 15 percent by April-June 2021 and to reach $3.3 billion annually exporting $4.81 billion by April-June 2021. In this article, we will discuss on Agri Exports May Grow 15% In FY22: Commerce Ministry.

Agri Exports May Grow in 2021

Exports and integrations of agricultural products grew by 17.34 percent in 2020-21 to 41.25 billion dollars. The Department of Commerce and industry ministry stated that the endeavor by APEDA Registration(Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority) benefited this country at a time when the outbreak of COVID-19 had been in high gear.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, exports of fresh vegetables and fruits increased by 9.1%, while exports of processed food goods such as grains and mixed products increased by 69.6%.

Fresh fruit and vegetable exports were $ 584.5 million in April-June FY21 but grew to $ 637.7 million in the June quarter of FY22 or Agri Exports May Grow 15% In FY22.

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A Rise Of 415.5 Percent In India’s Grain Export

According to the statement of the APEDA Registration ministry, India’s grain exports increased by 415.5 percent in the first three months of the current fiscal year, while meat, dairy products, and poultry exports increased by 111.5 percent.

Grain exports increased by a quarter to $ 231.4 million from $ 44.9 million the previous year, while meat, dairy, and poultry exports climbed by a quarter to $ 1.02 billion from $ 483.5 million. Rice exports have increased by 25.3 percent to $ 2.39 billion in April-June 2020-21, up from $ 1.91 billion.

Export of APEDA Products Rises 44.3% in April-June this fiscal

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