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The Gumasta License is similar to the Shop Establishment License. In fact, it is the popular name given to the shop establishment License in Maharashtra. Thus, every business owner must be aware of the Gumasta License and its benefits. Furthermore, you should know all about the renewal and other important points relating to Gumasta License or Shop Establishment License. In this article, you will read about all you need to know about the Gumasta License online.

What is the Gumasta License?

Gumasta License is the popular name given to the Shop and Establishment License in Maharashtra State.

In other words, it is the same as a shop and establishment license. Therefore, it is mandatory for every business to obtain a Gumasta License to legally conduct their business.

Furthermore, it is mandatory for every type of business and every business entity type. The Gumasta License certificate provides you the authority and legal rights to conduct the business at a specific place.

Every business whether small or large needs Gumasta License and it is governed by the Municipal Authority of Maharashtra and works under the Shops and Establishment Act of 1948.

Documents required for a Gumasta License

The document required for a Gumasta License or shop establishment license may vary as per the business and business entity type. The most basic documents that you need for a Gumasta License Online Application are as follows.

Benefits of Gumasta License

Benefits of Gumasta License

The benefits are written below: 

  • Get the legal authority to conduct the business.
  • Proof that your business is legal and has a legal entity
  • Tax Subsidies from Maharashtra Government for Gumasta License
  • Assists in availing of Business Loans
  • Most banks open only current bank account only if you have a shop establishment license of Gumasta License in Maharashtra
  • You can apply for the Gumasta License Online.

Sole Proprietorship Document Requirement for Gumasta License

  • Aadhar Card/PAN Card
  • Photo of the sole proprietor
  • Address Proof Electricity Bills, Rent Agreement, Sale Deed Copy, NOC from Owner, Gas or Water Bill
  • Application form
  • Authority Letter from Mumbai Municipal Corporation for Business
  • A copy of the RBI Letter and a Registration Certificate in case of charitable trust
  • Ownership Proof of the business premises

Partnership Firm Document Requirement for Gumasta License

  • Partnership Deed
  • PAN Card of Partnership Firm
  • Aadhar Card/ PAN Card of all the Partners in the Partnership Firm
  • Other details of the Partners and their address proof
  • Application Form in a prescribed manner along with the Government Fees

Private Limited Company Document Requirement for Gumasta License

  • Memorandum of Association
  • Article of Association
  • Incorporation Certificate of the Pvt. Ltd. Firm
  • ID and Address Proof of Company Directors
  • Passport Size Photographs
  • Name of the Manager if Applicable
  • Photo of the shop and Photo of the shop owner

Furthermore, you may consult our business advisors for free at – 8881-069-069 for the in-detail document requirement and the document preparation for the application process.

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Things to keep in mind for Gumasta License

  • License validity time varies as per the state. Renewal is mandatory and must be done on time.
  • It is also necessary to obtain a Gumasta License or Shop Establishment license if it’s a tour operator business. Hence, the Shop Establishment Act is also applicable for every business, trade, and service-based business.
  • Keep your PAN Card handy during the whole inspection process.
  • Have fire extinguishers at your business premises.
  • After receiving the registration certificate successfully, submit it to the area officer or inspector within the duration of thirty days.
  • If there’s any mistake in the registration certificate, you must immediately get it corrected and bring it to the attention of the concerned officer. After the officer verifies, you will be provided a new and correct registration certificate.
  • The government fee of the applicant depends on the state.
  • In case of failure to obtain a gummata license online or shop establishment license, the penalty can go up to two lakh rupees.
  • There is no difference between the shop establishment license or Gumasta License.
  • In case of rejection from the officer, you need to again apply for the application process.

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