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Every business in India must know all about shop establishment license in India. It is important for every business to have a Shop Establishment License or Registration to start conducting business. Moreover, it is also mandatory for offices and warehouses.  In this article, you will know all about shop establishment licenses in India.

What is a shop establishment registration or license?

In India, it is mandatory for every business and establishment to get a Shop Establishment License.

The basic aim of a Shop Establishment License in India is to ensure regulation and improve the working conditions of shops and offices.

It also aims to improvise and provide rights to employees and workers. These rights include wages, leaves, work hours, intervals of rest and meals, Accidents, Dismissal, etc.

The Shop Establishment License or registration validity varies from time to time. It all depends on the state rules and regulations.

Some states name Shop Establishment License as Gumasta License(Maharashtra) and e-Karmik(Karnataka). In Delhi, Shop Establishment Registration is known as Shopex and In Bihar, it is known as Trade License.

Do you need a shop and establishment license for your home business?

Yes, it is also mandatory for businesses running from home to have a valid Shop and Establishment Registration or License.

Owners of e-commerce businesses, online businesses, e-commerce platforms, and establishments must register and receive a Certificate under the same Act.

The Registration of Shop Establishment License should be obtained within thirty days of business commencement.

Benefits of Shop Establishment Registration in India

Benefits of Shop Establishment Registration

  • Generally, Shop Establishment Registration/License is valid from one year to five years or more. Hence, you do not need to renew it multiple times.
  • Shop Establishment License also assists you in opening a current bank account.
  • It can also assist you in getting a Business Loan.
  • The application process is online and the document requirement is minimum.
  • Helps you in running a legally-compliant business.
  • Creates a positive impact on employees as their rights are protected.
  • It gives the organization legal status, which strengthens its stance in the market.

Mandatory Obligations under Shop Establishment License

  • Record of employees and their complete details
  • Details of Payroll including Salary, overtime, leave, holidays, and advance salaries.
  • Attendance of all the employees
  • For removal of his/her institution or organization, the owner will notify the Chief Inspector and, if necessary, have it documented as a hard copy.
  • Maintain Allied Registers and all the other basic details of employees.

Complete Process to obtain Shop Establishment License

The process to obtain a Shop Establishment License varies from state to state. It can be obtained online and offline. To obtain the Shop Establishment Registration online, you have to follow the simple steps as follows.

  • Visit the Website for Shop Establishment Registration
  • Sign up and log in.
  • Consult our business advisors at – 8881-069-069  for document preparation.
  • Upload the documents on our web portal or share the documents on mail or WhatsApp.
  • Choose the Package and Pay Online at your convenience.
  • Our professional team will prepare the application and file it to the concerned Labour Department.
  • Obtain the Shop Establishment  License hassle-free to your email or WhatsApp.

Thus, obtaining a shop establishment license online is an easy process through our web portal. Now all you need to know is the Document Requirement and the benefits of the Shop Establishment License.

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Document Requirement for Shop Establishment License

  • Passport Size Photos of the business owner
  • Shop or Business Address Proof.
  • Aadhar Card or ID Proof of the business owner.
  • PAN Card of the business owner.
  • Details of the employee and the manager of the business.
  • Payment Receipt.
  • Additional Business Registrations such as GST Registration, Udyam Registration if any.

All about Gumasta License online

Moreover, If you want any other guidance related to Shop Establishment License, please feel free to talk to our business advisors at 8881-069-069.

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