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Trademark renewal is the process of maintaining and protecting your trademark (TM) rights in India. It is important to renew your TM because it ensures that your brand remains legally protected and distinguishable from other brands in the market. In this article, we will discuss the process of trademark renewal in India, including the requirements, fees, and deadlines.

What is a Trademark?

Trademark can be a brand name, logo, slogan, or another unique element that represents your business or product. Trademarks (TM) are an important aspect of intellectual property and are used to protect a company’s brand identity and reputation. Understand Trademark  registration and Trademark Applications through our free PDF Guide available at: Trademark PDF

Why is Trademark Renewal Important?

Trademark renewal is important because it allows you to maintain and protect your TM rights in India. Without renewal, your TM may become vulnerable to infringement or dilution by other businesses. TM  renewal also ensures that your TM remains distinctive and distinguishable from other trademarks.

Who is Eligible for Trademark Renewal in India?

Any person or company that owns a  trademark registration in India is eligible to renew their TM This includes individuals, businesses, organizations, and government agencies.

What are the Requirements for Trademark Renewal in India?

To renew your trademark in India, you must meet the following requirements:

  •         Your trademark must be registered with the Indian TM Office.
  •         Your TM must be in use or you must have a valid reason for non-use.
  •         You must submit the required documents and fees to the Indian TM Office.
  •       What are the Documents Required for Trademark Renewal in India?
  •         To renew your trademark in India, you must submit the following documents to the Indian Trademarks Office:
  •         Trademark renewal application form (Form TM-R).
  •         Proof of use of the TM, such as sales invoices, advertisements, or other documents.
  •         A list of goods and services covered by the trademark.
  •         Any other documents or information required by the IndianTM Office.

What is the Process for Trademark Renewal in India?

The process for trademark renewal in India consists of the following steps:

  •         File a TM renewal application with the Indian Trademarks Office.
  •         Wait for the TM Office to review your application.
  •         If your application is approved, pay the required fees.
  •         Wait for the TM Office to issue a renewal certificate.
  •         Use the renewal certificate
  •         If your application is rejected, you can appeal the decision or file a new application.
  •         Keep your renewal certificate and proof of use of the TM up to date, as these may be required to maintain your trademark rights in the future.

When Should I Renew My Trademark in India?

In India, trademarks are registered for a period of 10 years and can be renewed for successive periods of 10 years. It is important to renew your trademark before it expires, as you may lose your TM rights if you do not renew it on time.

To renew your TM, you must file a renewal application within six months before your trademark registration expiration date. If you miss the deadline, you can still renew your trademark registration within six months after the expiration date by paying a late fee. Furthermore, there are several other benefits of renewing the trademark which is discussed at How to Renew your Trademark Registration Online in India 

What Happens if I Don’t Renew My Trademark in India?

If you don’t renew your trademark registration in India, your trademark registration will expire and you may lose your trademark rights. This means that other businesses can use your trademark or a similar TM without your permission, and you may have difficulty enforcing your rights in the future.


Trademark renewal is an important process for maintaining and protecting your trademark rights.. If you are considering renewing your TM in India, be sure to gather the required documents and fees, and file your renewal application on time to avoid losing your TM rights. The TM  renewal experts at E-StartupIndia can be contacted at 8881-069-069 or

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