APEDA facilitates the export of Assamese Burmese grapes to Dubai 

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APEDA would continuously focus on the northeastern area, both in terms of quantity upgrading, infrastructure development, and capacity building. In this article, we will discuss APEDA facilitates the export of Assamese Burmese grapes to Dubai

Export of Assamese Burmese grapes

In an expansion to apply the shipping potential of processed or agricultural foodstuff products in northeast Indian states, the export of Assamese Burmese grapes has been delivered to Dubai.

In Assamese, Leteku is a fruit that is rich in iron and Vitamin C was sourced or wrapped at a collection center in Darrang Assam’s region according to a press release by APEDA.

The consignment is shipped from Guwahati to Dubai through Delhi by the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) registered Kiega EXIM Pvt Ltd.

Additionally, APEDA has been carrying out promotional actions to carry the northeastern states on the Processed or agricultural food items export map of India.

Currently, the release said that APEDA facilitated the shipment of the 1st consignment of red rice to the USA from Assam. So APEDA Registration is very useful.

Red Rice iron-rich is developed in the Brahmaputra valley of Assam with no utilizing any chemical fertilizer.

Moreover, the loaded variety is also known as Bao Dhaan that is an important part of Assamese foodstuff.

APEDA also helps in GI’s (Geographical Indications) exports qualified Kaji Nemu (Assam lemon) to London or so far approximately forty metric tonnes have been shipped.

Besides, Jackfruits sourced from Tripura-based Krishi Sanyoga Agro Creator Corporation Ltd were shipped to the UK.

Also, APEDA has offered financial support to the personal sector to set up a packhouse at Guwahati that has completed the important infrastructure growth for shipping fresh vegetables and fruits to Europe.

APEDA undertakes marketplace encouragement actions for developing structured marketing plans for the shipment of food items.

Moreso, The release added that Linking purchasers to growers, strengthening the full supply chain of agricultural produce from the northeastern district will also transport in dividends.

Final words

It is quite clear that according to many researchers, Indian exporters sponsored by APEDA can get multitudinous benefits and gain a lot of opportunities, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Consequently, APEDA Registration not only offers financial support but also helps in the growth of the scheduled products.

APEDA Plans to promote export of Assam’s GI tagged products 

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