APEDA signs MoU with Banglore University of Agricultural Science to boost Agri Exports

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A piece of good news for exporters as APEDA signs MoU with Bengaluru University of Agricultural Science. The collaboration’s main focus is to boost agri exports. APEDA is working consistently to boost the agri exports. Thus, it is facilitating exporters having APEDA Registration. APEDA signs MoU with Banglore University of Agricultural Science to boost Agri Exports is a significant step. Let us understand this latest update in detail.

APEDA signs MoU with Banglore University of Agricultural Science to boost Agri Exports

As part of its efforts to increase agricultural and processed food product exports. The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) inked an MoU.

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed with the University of Agricultural Science (UAS) Bangalore on Monday, March 25th, 2013.

The main areas of cooperation, according to the MoU, will be the development of technologies with APEDA. It will be to improve quality exports, advance alertness and efficiency. As well as diversifying the export market, destinations, and establishing Brand India by increasing Karnataka agri-exports under the Government of India’s Agri Export Policy (AEP). AEP which was announced in 2018.

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Multiple Benefits as APEDA Mou

There will be several benefits to exporters having APEDA Registration as well as the general public as APEDA MoU. Some of the most significant ones are as follows.

  • In addition to increasing forward and backward links, the partnerships between APEDA and UAS will assist in several tasks. This includes branding, marketing, the formation of a market intelligence cell, and the development of traceability systems.
  • Both the APEDA and UAS, Bangalore will work together to promote agri-businesses & exports, including B2B & B2C trade shows to be held in India & overseas. In addition, they will togetherly establish markets and traceability for millets & millet products, fresh fruits like mango, vegetables, jaggery & processed veggies.
  • Similarly, The MoU will help in the creation of product-specific clusters and in the growth and development of agribusinesses and technopreneurs as well as their ability to improve and strengthen their skills.
  • In addition, APEDA and farmers have also agreed to collaborate to create a capacity-building facility at UAS in Bangalore and encourage students to promote agribusinesses for international exports. Consequently, APEDA will also launch a Postgraduate Certificate course.
  • APEDA will also benefit from the MoU in order to create a sustainable value-chain for horticulture products and livestock products as well as standard operating procedures.
  • Lastly, MoU will help to create real-time solutions to pests and diseases (Furthermore, A curriculum would be developed for Karnataka students, in collaboration with APEDA on organic exports according to NPOP standards.

APEDA’s Agenda behind signing Memorandum of Understanding

APEDA’s collaborative approach is focusing on building capacity and finding solutions to some of the interventions that are necessary for the development and enhancement of agriculture and its exports.

Thus, APEDA signed a very important MoU in the presence of and by Dr. M. Angamuthu, Chairman APEDA and Dr. S. Rajendra Prasad, Vice-Chancellor UAS, Bangalore.

APEDA organizes the Programme for start-ups to Boost Agri Exports

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