APEDA to Promote Agricultural products from J&K, Ladakh

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The APEDA (Agricultural and processed food products export development authority) has initiated new drives to popularise J&K and Ladakh’s agricultural products. The various agricultural products such as Acacia honey, Mushk Budji aromatic rice, and Kashmir valley apples will be covered initially in these drives. The article gives detailed information regarding APEDA to promote agricultural products from Jammu and Kashmir.

APEDA’S Various drives for Exporters having APEDA Registration in J&K

  • With the mandate to promote agriculture export of Union territories of J&K, APEDA (Agricultural and processed food products export development authority) has a new achievement by taking various initiatives. In the covid 19 situation, the offices of APEDA (Agricultural and processed food products export development authority) got more functional in J&K.
  • Therefore, Commercial shipments of Ladakh apricots from Leh to Dubai have been initiated for the 1st period during August to September, with exports managed by Kargil, a local businessman.
  • As per the news statement from the commerce ministry, samples of acacia honey or Mushkbudji rice have been exported to Oman, Dubai, and other west Asian marketplaces. More so, apples produced in the Kashmir valley have also been supplied to similar marketplaces. Also, it states that when the exploration value chain is constructed, this commodity’s daily consignments to West Asia will start.
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In addition, APEDA (Agricultural and processed food products export development authority) is promoting agricultural products from union territories and other states as well. It has also started taking action to educate exporters, producers, and authority officials on NPOP (National program for organic production’s criteria).

Upcoming schemes to boost exports in India

In addition, to identify potential export products such as cherry, apple, honey, walnut, rice, saffron, and Gucchi, APEDA has expanded and given a draft Agriculture export plan for J&K.

As per the release, the Agricultural and Processed food products export development authority plans to hold a stakeholder’s conference in 2021 in September with FPOs, entrepreneurs, start-ups, UT officials, and cooperatives. Hence, with the help of APEDA registration, people can get an abundance of benefits. Moreover, with respect to the exportation of scheduled products, this registration is essential.

APEDA signs MoU with ICAR to Boost Export of Citrus Fruits

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