Apple iPhone made in India cross export $1billion

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Apple’s iPhone manufacturing operation in India has apparently surpassed the $1 billion barrier in terms of export value, which is a significant milestone for the industry-leading technology company. Apple has made great progress in expanding its operations in the nation, and this announcement marks a huge step forward for the corporation. Know about the latest news of Apple iPhone made in India cross export $1 Billion.

Apple’s efforts to reduce dependency on China

The iPhones that are being built at the factory in Bengaluru have been in great demand, particularly in the markets that are located in Europe and the Middle East. Apple’s attempts to diversify its supply chain and minimise its dependency on China have been significantly aided by the facility, which was established in collaboration with Wistron, a prominent original design manufacturer. Thus, multiple international businesses are now getting attracted towards India to set up business here and Indian entrepreneurs can take benefit of it through various means such as establishing a business by getting a company registration.

India emerging as a Great Electronics Exporter

India has emerged as a significant participant in the smartphone industry on a worldwide scale, and the Indian government has been actively pushing international corporations to set up production facilities within the country.

This step is being taken with the intention of increasing job opportunities and supporting the Make in India project, which is working toward the goal of establishing India as a centre for the production of electronic goods.

Thus, if you wish to start export-import business in India, you must know about Import Export Code Registration and CHIMS Registration.

Benefits to India and Apple Company

Apple’s decision to manufacture the iPhone in India has been good for the corporation in terms of both time and money saved, since it helps decrease the impact of import tariffs and currency fluctuations on the company’s bottom line.

It is also anticipated that the facility would assist the corporation in penetrating the expanding smartphone market in India, a sector in which the company presently has a small market share.

A wonderful milestone not only for the company but also for the economy of India is the announcement that the export value of iPhones manufactured by Apple has surpassed one billion dollars from the country of India.

It is anticipated that this would provide additional job opportunities and assist in the further development of the electronics manufacturing industry in the country.


In conclusion, the fact that Apple’s iPhone manufacturing unit in India has reached the threshold of one billion dollars in terms of export value is a major milestone that reflects the company’s commitment to growing its operations in the nation. It is also good news for the Indian economy, as it is anticipated that it would result in the creation of additional employment opportunities and will stimulate the growth of the electronics manufacturing industry.

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