Attorney Meeting Intake Form for Business Name Trademark Registration

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It’s important to have Trademark Registration for your business name to protect its identity and brand. To make sure the process goes smoothly, it’s a good idea to get help from a lawyer who knows about intellectual property law.

What is an Attorney Meeting Intake Form?

During your first meeting with the lawyer, they will ask you to fill out a form called the Attorney Meeting Intake Form.

This form helps the lawyer gather important information about your business.

It asks about things like your business’s name, any trademarks you’ve applied for before, who owns the business, and if you’re worried about other people copying your trademark.

Let’s understand about crucial parts of the Attorney Meeting Intake Form.

Attorney Meeting Intake Form: Part 1 – Basic Information

The first section of the Attorney Meeting Intake form asks for basic information about your business name and the person filling out the form.

  • You need to provide the legal name of your business.
  • Your business address should be provided.
  • The name and contact information of the person completing the form are required.

Accurate and up-to-date information is important for attorneys to understand your business’s ownership structure and who is responsible for the trademark application.

Attorney Meeting Intake Form: Part 2 – Prior Trademarks or Pending Applications

The second part of the form focuses on prior trademarks or pending applications.

Attorneys will ask if you have registered a trademark before or if you are currently trying to register one.

If you have registered a trademark before, you need to provide:

  • The trademark’s number.
  • The date of registration.
  • Details about what the trademark was for.

If you are currently trying to register a trademark, you need to provide:

  • The application number.
  • The date of the application.
  • Details about what the trademark is for.

This information is important for attorneys to assess whether your trademark might cause confusion with existing registered trademarks or pending applications.

Proposed Trademark Design

In the Attorney Meeting Intake Form, the third section requires you to present a proposed design for your trademark.

This can include a wordmark, a logo, or a combination of both. You should provide a high-quality image along with a brief description of the design elements.

The significance of providing a clear and distinctive trademark design cannot be understated, as it serves as the primary means for consumers to recognize and differentiate your brand from competitors.

Attorneys can assess whether your proposed design bears too much resemblance to existing trademarks or if it fulfills the requirements for registration.

Intended Use and Registration Basis

The fourth section of the Attorney Meeting Intake Form inquires about the intended use and registration basis for your trademark.

You will need to specify whether you intend to use the trademark in commerce and, if so, indicate the date of its first use.

Furthermore, you will be required to specify the registration basis for your trademark, which may include use in commerce, intent to use in commerce or foreign registration.

Furnishing this information is crucial as it aids attorneys in determining whether your proposed trademark satisfies the prerequisites for registration and the appropriate registration basis.

Statement of Authorization and Attorney-Client Relationship

The fifth section of the form employed by attorneys during client meetings concerns granting authorization and establishing a working relationship.

This portion asserts that you consent to the lawyer acting on your behalf in submitting a trademark application and that you comprehend the nature of an attorney-client relationship.

It is of utmost importance to carefully read and fully comprehend this segment of the form before affixing your signature.
This is because it delineates the legal agreement between you and the attorney, as well as the responsibilities of both parties to ensure a smooth trademark application process.

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Additional Information and Supporting Documents

When meeting with a lawyer about your trademark application, you have the opportunity to provide extra information or documents.

This can improve your application by including things like your trademark design, evidence of prior use, or relevant contracts and permissions.

Sharing these additional materials helps the lawyer understand your trademark better and provide more informed advice.


The Attorney Meeting Intake Form is vital for attorneys to comprehend your business and proposed trademark, enabling them to offer the best legal guidance.

To ensure a smooth and successful trademark registration process, it is important to accurately fill out each section of the form.

If you require assistance with the form, it is recommended to consult a qualified trademark attorney who can provide personalized legal advice and guide you through the complex procedures of registering a business name trademark in India.

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