Difference between ISBN and ISSN

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ISBN is an abbreviation for the term “International Standard Book”, whereas the full form for ISSN is “International Standard Serial Number”.  These codes are serial numbers assigned by the publishers. The procedure of ISSN is not compulsory for the authors, whereas ISBN is mandatory. So, it is important to know the differences between ISBN and ISSN.

What is ISBN?

ISBN is a code consisting of 13 digit numbers and alphabets. It is used for the identification of books, their title, and edition and is used by the publishers, booksellers, retailers, librarians, etc for assembling goods in an orderly manner.

The ISBN number is printed on the back cover aside from the publisher’s information.

Different ISBN numbers are assigned to different editions of a book. The ISBN number is categorized into five parts and each part is separated by a hyphen.

The code does not provide any copyrights to the publishers but is only used to recognize a book. But you can identify a particular book by its ISBN number. Thus, for every book publisher, the ISBN barcode is mandatory.

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What is ISSN?

It is a code containing 8 digits both numbers and alphabets. It is assigned to journals, periodicals, magazines, and web information. It is a unique number used for recognizing publication, but it does not state the origin of content. Furthermore, It does not ensure the validity of the write-ups. Lastly, It does not provide any copyright to the publisher, nor ensures the origin of the content and quality.

What is the Difference between ISBN and ISSN?

The ISBN number is allocated to a single monograph or book The ISSN number is assigned to a series of books or monographs.
It is used to recognize a specific volume It only specifies the series of the volume.
The ISBN number highlights the publisher of the book The ISSN number does not recognize the publisher of the series.
Application of ISBN is compulsory for the publishers. The ISSN registration is not compulsory for the publishers.
It is only applicable to monographs or textbooks that are not published regularly. It is allocated to serials such as newspapers, journals, magazines, etc that are published daily, weekly, or periodically.
It is not applicable to online publications. It is assigned for both online and offline publications.
The number is seen on the backside of the cover page at the bottom. The number is visible on the homepage on the web and on the cover page for offline publications.
If a book does not consist of an ISBN number, then the publisher is answerable in the court of law. A publisher is not sued if the series does not consist of an ISSN number.
The book is not published if the ISBN number is not allocated. The body of ISSN is not responsible for the publication of any series.
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These codes provide information about the book, title, author, name of the book, and date of publication. But both the codes are used for different types of books. ISBN Registration is mandatory whereas ISSN Registration is not.

Difference between Copyright and ISBN registration

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