Difference between ISO Surveillance and Certification

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When it comes to ISO Certification, we all hear about ISO Surveillance and Certification. For any organization, it is important to understand ISO Surveillance and certification to succeed in the business. In this article, you will understand the difference between ISO Surveillance and Certification.

What is ISO Surveillance?

When an accreditation organization conducts a surveillance audit under the authority of the ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation), they examine a company’s quality control and other management systems as per achieved ISO Certification. Thus, It is the primary goal of an ISO surveillance audit to guarantee that a company is still adhering to the criteria set out by the international body.

In simple words, it is an audit from an accreditation company to check whether your business is still adhering to ISO Standards or not.

ISO surveillance audits are undertaken in the first and second years following original ISO certification. ISO Surveillance may also happen in the first and second years following each renewing ISO Certification. Thus, the preparation for the recertification procedure is also made easier by the surveillance audit.

Why is ISO Surveillance important?

One of the main principles of the ISO mechanism is to keep improving. One way to make sure that companies are meeting the ISO guidelines required by the certification is to have regular inspections. ISO Surveillance helps in it.

Furthermore, To guarantee that all of a company’s business divisions satisfy the standards of ISO, a larger corporation may need to undertake the first certification ISO audit in stages.

Checking for compliance with standards like ISO 27001 Certification and ISO 9001 Certification is always part of a surveillance audit.

Hence, ISO Surveillance plays an important role in the complete process of ISO Certification in India.

What is ISO Certification?

One must keep in mind that ISO doesn’t certify any business. However, it gives approval to a lot of other organizations. For example, if you want to get ISO certification in Delhi, you can’t just go to ISO in Switzerland.

Thus, Standards are developed by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). However, they do not offer any certification. Auditing Bodies are granted this power by ISO.

Accreditation bodies have the duty of advising and assessing how well an institution is following ISO standards.

Thus, The ISO Certification is the best means for any company complying with the ISO Standards or International Standards to demonstrate their compliance. As a symbol of the organization’s dedication to quality, customer and employee safety, and overall business growth, the ISO Certification in India serves as a significant milestone for every business

What is the difference between ISO Surveillance and Certification?

difference between ISO Surveillance and Certification

ISO Surveillance ISO Certification
It is an intensive audit. ISO Certification Audit is less intensive as compared to ISO Surveillance
The ISO Registrar conducts a surveillance audit every year. In order to be certified, a firm must be audited by an ISO Registrar to guarantee that all aspects of a standard are met.
Surveillance audits may not cover all aspects of a company. The majority of certification audits are separated into two parts. Typically, a stage one audit is undertaken remotely to establish whether or not the business is ready for a stage two audit.
For any non – conformities, the firm is responsible for correcting them to ensure that certification remains valid. If the auditor determines that the business met the fundamental criteria for the stage one audits, he or she will perform a more in-depth phase two audit, which will involve a document analysis, meetings, and workplace observations.

Why is ISO Certification Important?

  • If your company is committed to using the ISO management system, it can assist your company to achieve near-perfection. You’ll be able to accomplish your goals more frequently as your processes grow more reliable, which will lead to quantifiable results. You’ll also be able to reduce the amount of garbage in your business.
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  • Credibility is the most precious asset in any firm. If you don’t have a good reputation, your company will fail, no matter how big or little it is. As a result, establishing a reputation and capitalizing on it to beat the competition has never been more important for entrepreneurs. An organization’s trustworthiness and integrity are demonstrated by ISO Certification such as  ISO 14001 certification and  ISO 22000 certification
  • Reduced procedures and defined systems will ensure that the quality of your product remains constant. Achieving ISO status elevates your company to an elite group.
  • Having a strong brand image is essential in today’s corporate environment, as we all know. Because of this, having an ISO 9001 certification might help your firm get worldwide recognition.

Advantages of ISO Certification for eCommerce websites

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