Difference between Trademark and Trade secret

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Look around and you will find the multiple creations of the mind. These creations of mind turn into a profitable business and are known as Intellectual property. In fact, everything we all have around is some sort of intellectual property. Thus, Intellectual property is all around us in a variety of forms. For example, a book, the post you are reading, a logo or a website you are visiting, etc. Intellectual Properties are an important asset and play a crucial role in the success of any business. Let’s discuss the difference between Trademark and Trade Secret in this article. In this article, we will also discuss the process to secure your brand or intellectual property via Trademark Registration Online.

However, the drawback is many people steal it easily. So, the only solution to save the intellectual property business is to get legal protection. One of the best ways to protect your intellectual property in the form of branding is Trademark Registration. But, so many people have confusion regarding Trademark and Trade Secret. Moreover, they have the same word ‘Trade’ in it.

What is a Trade Secret?

In simple words, Trade Secrets are the secrets or concepts of any business that keep them successful. For example, Trade Secrets are intellectual property consisting of formulas, processes of manufacturing, ingredients of the recipe, tools used, designs, or any other information that has an economic value in the business.

The other word for Trade Secret is also Confidential Information that gives the organization an upper hand over its competitors. The three key elements of Trade Secret are:

  • They aren’t available to the general public.
  • Their possessor benefits financially from their concealment.
  • Their confidentiality has rigorous protection.

What is a Trademark Registration?

In simple words, A trademark is a logo or graphical representation to differentiate one product or service from another. For example, the name or logo of a company, a brand, or a product.

Numericals, graphics, pictures, three-dimensional elements such as product type and packaging, and non-visible signals such as tones, fragrances, or color hues may also be included in trademarks and trademark registration.

What is the purpose of Trademark Registration?

A significant notion used to protect a company’s identity or logo is trademark registration.

Trademark Registration is useful to indicate the presence of a brand or visual identity that’s used to set one’s goods and services apart from those of rivals.

Thus, the basic purpose of trademark registration is to protect your business and branding from others who might misuse or defame it.

To get Trademark Registration, you need to fulfill the certain Conditions for Registration of a Trademark in India.

What is the Trademark Class or Classification System?

Trademark registration divides trademarks into 45 different categories. As a result, each trademark class denotes a certain set of products and services.

It’s also crucial to choose the correct trademark class since incorrect classification might hinder the application process. In addition, the Trademark Goods Class has 34 of the 45 classes, while the Trademark Service Class contains only 11 classes.

The complete list of Trademark Classes is here- Trademark Class List

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Understanding the difference between Trademark and Trade Secret

Trademark Trade Secret
Entrepreneurs can use a trademark to differentiate their products or services from those of others. The names of products and services are protected by trademarks. They also safeguard a product’s logo and package design. Trade secrets are a type of intellectual property that includes things like patent, copyright, and trademarks. The many kinds of intellectual property protection do not exist independently and frequently overlap.
Words, symbols, logos, designs, slogans, trade dress, numbers, graphics, drawings, three-dimensional elements like product type and packaging, and non-visible indications like tones, fragrances, and color hues come under Trademark. A formula, technique, gadget, machine, collection of data, or any other proprietary knowledge that provides a competitive advantage to a company.
Trademark Registration offers protection for an indefinite time however it needs renewal only after a decade. The protection is limited as long as someone else doesn’t discover it.
Furthermore, Trademarks are a valuable asset and can be given for rent to earn extra income. In most cases, it isn’t feasible to share the trade secret as competitors can take advantage of this scenario.
For example, The curving form of the bottle and the term ‘Coca-Cola’ written in flowing calligraphy are Coca-trademark. Cola’s unique logo has distinguished the company from its competitors. The company’s method for creating the drink, on the other hand, is its most valuable and well-guarded trade secret (it’s stored in a vault!). Moreover, The recipe is a well-guarded secret that only a few people know about.

What is the process to secure your brand or intellectual property via Trademark Registration Online?

After reading the difference between trademark and trade secret, we can realize the Importance of Trademark registration in India. Thus, let’s discuss the process to get Trademark Registration so you can also avail the Advantages of International Trademark Registration.

  • Firstly, Visit the link – Register Trademark in India
  • Select a package and pay online using one of the several payment methods offered.
  • We will conduct a preliminary examination of the trademark design, logo, and form for originality.
  • Then our expert team will prepare a trademark application and collect the signature of the applicant on all essential papers.
  • The next step is to submit an online trademark registration application which our experienced professionals will do and if no objection arises, you will get your trademark registered without any hassle.

Difference between Patent and Copyright

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