E-Gram Swaraj Portal & App Launched for Gram Panchayats

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On the occasion of National Panchayati Raj Day, our Honorable Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi on 24th April 2020 has launched 2 mobile portals E-Gram Swaraj Portal & Swamitva Scheme. The first National Panchayati Raj Day was celebrated in 2010. Since then, the National Panchayati Raj Day is celebrated on April 24 every year in India. The Honorable Prime Minister Modi interacted with all the Gram Panchayats across the country.  The E-Gram Swaraj Portal will mark the complete digitization of the villages to strengthen e-governance in Panchayati Raj institutions in the whole country. The Portal will also ensure real-time monitoring and accountability.


Introduction to E-Gram Swaraj Portal

The E-Gram Swaraj Portal/App is a major step to make Gram Panchayats digital. The egramswaraj.gov.in portal is one single interface on which the details will be listed panchayat-wise. The platform will provide records of work from planning to the implementation in every village panchayat under Gram Panchayati  Development  Plan (GPDP). E-Gram Swaraj is also one of the applications developed as a part of the Panchayat  Enterprise  Suite (PES) under the E-panchayat  Mission Mode project  Of Ministry of Panchayati  Raj.


Benefits of E-Gram Swaraj App

The main advantages E-Gram swaraj Portal/App are as follows:

  • Speed-up the implementation of projects in village areas.
  • Every person in the village will know about the developmental project and the money spent on it.
  • Every detail related to Panchayat Sachiv and Panch can be viewed on the Gram Swaraj Portal/App.
  • The works of the Ministry of Panchayati Raj will be accessible through the Gram Swaraj Portal/App.
  • The Gram Swaraj Portal and application will provide a boost in transparency by decentralized planning of development projects, with progress reports updates and increased accountability.
  • It is simple and user friendly and based on open source technologies.


Important Features of E-Gram Swaraj App

The main features of this single platform are as follows-  

  • It aims at maintaining the profile of panchayats- elected representatives, election details, committee, etc.
  • It is user-friendly.
  • Helps in the planning of activities (convergence, resource envelope, actions plan, ).
  • It can be used for storing all the assets. 
  • It also provides the availability of assets on Gram Manchitra GIS.
  • It has a strong mechanism mainly based on open source technology.
  • It also helps in fund monitoring and work-based accounting.
  • It is web-based and the facility is available 24×7.
  • The portal supports all the major browsers.


Who can install E-Gram Swaraj App?

Any person can create an account on the E-Gram Swaraj Portal/App and know about the developmental works of villages.


How to use the E-Gram Swaraj App?

Here is how to navigate the E-Gram Swaraj App:-


  • Open the E-Gram Swaraj Portal.
  • Use the portal to enter the Actual Data Entry.
  • For Obtaining the Username and Password, a letter may be addressed by the Concerned State Govt. Department to the Ministry of Panchayati Raj, Govt. Of India.


How to use the E-Gram Swaraj Portal Mobile App?


On the E-Gram Portal application, a dashboard of every single panchayat, their profile, the method of planning in their areas, budget, and accounting will be available. You can just open the Google play store and search the Gram Swaraj App on it. You can also easily download this mobile app through the E-Gram Swaraj Government Portal.

After downloading the app you can log-in using your credentials and start using the newly launched advanced E-Gram Swaraj Mobile app.

It is now evident that the newly launched E-Gram Swaraj App and portal will truly transform and ease the modus operandi of the Gram Panchayats of India, and surely India will surely enter into a “Digital Age of Panchayati Raj“. 

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