Frequently Asking Questions on ISBN Registration- FAQ

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International standard book number, in short ISBN, is a unique thirteen-digit number that is assigned to every book. Also to tapes, CDs, and e-books before publication, which records details such as language, details of publisher, and provenance. ISBN is displayed in the barcode format and it acts as a license plate that guarantees unique identification of each book and other relevant products. In this article, we will discuss Frequently Asking Questions on ISBN Registration- FAQ.

ISBN is being assigned by an International ISBN agency in the UK that coordinates all ISBN allotments and ISBN agencies of respective countries assign the ISBN in their country.

Frequently Asking Questions on ISBN Registration

Do you need an e-ISBN for the electronic book?

You might be wondering what to do after getting an ISBN Registration. Well, the hardcover, paperback, and electronic version of any title require a different ISBN essentially.

Copyright protection for ISBN

ISBN and copyright are two completely different things. Copyright is a defense mechanism that an author uses to protect their work through ISBN.

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What happens when the price of the book is changed? 

In case an author changes the price of his book, the same ISBN continues and he doesn’t need to get a new ISBN. However, when there is a significant change in the content of the book.

What does an ISBN indicate?

  • ISBN is an internal number that is assigned to each book for selling it online.
  • ISBN provides access to bibliographic databases which are being used by the entire book industry and various libraries to provide books related to relevant information.

What ISBN doesn’t indicate?

  • ISBN provides no legal protection.
  • No Copyright protection is assured.

Scope of International standard book number 

  • ISBN is assigned for print on demand publication
  • It is also assigned for the set of volumes or pack of books
  • ISBN is also assigned for individual articles

What are the Benefits of ISBN Registration?

  • ISBN ensures that the book is popularly known
  • It facilitates updating and compilation of book trade directories.
  • Facilitates fast and efficient method of book ordering and distribution.

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What is the process for registration and allotment of ISBN?

The International standard book number or ISBN Registration is allotted free of cost to authors, publishers, and educational institutions. One month is the prescribed time to get ISBN. And you can use it for similar requirements after getting an ISBN Registration.

International standard book number and its Online Portal 

  • It allows complete automation of the process of application for allotting ISBN.
  • It allows maintaining inventory and also processing the data.
  • It provides ease of access to the users, publishers, etc., across the country via the digital medium.

How to Read an ISBN?

The ISBN describes the following aspects covering five elements:

  1. The Publisher
  2. Title of the publication
  3. It specifies the country or language group publication
  4. The check digit – indicates that the number has been verified.

International standard book number as discussed above is a unique identification number prescribed to the books, eBooks, CDs, tapes, etc., and is allotted to the sellers, publisher, and authors. It is easy to get the ISBN Registration these days and it hardly takes a week or so to get an International standard book number for the product.

After getting an ISBN Registration for books, tapes, eBooks, etc. an author, publisher or seller can continue to get updates and manage their unique book number through the online portal and get the details.

6 Things You Should Know About the ISBN

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