FSSAI Issues Directions on RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance)

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In functional foods, food, special dietary applications, nutraceuticals and health supplements the 2006 FSS Act allows the use of minerals or vitamins or amino acids provided that the quantities do not exceed the Recommended Dieting Amount (RDA) for Indian Consumers. In order to obtain clarification on RDA values of various nutritional products, the FSSAI received many presentations from stakeholders and regulatory personnel. The document is made on the basis of the recommendations of the Scientific Panel and Scientific Committee. In this article, we will read about the latest news as FSSAI Issues Directions on RDA.

FSSAI Issues Directions on RDA

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has issued several directions on the recommended diet allowances (RDAs) for food businesses. These directions are for reference and compliance.

As a result, Food businesses have now permission to comply with the directive until July 2023.

In the regulations for nutraceutical standards, the RDA values of vitamins, minerals and amino acids were also listed.

Since the Indian Council of Medical Research(ICMR) updated Indian nutritional needs. It also published new RDAs for 2020, the food authority decided to use the same.

In addition, it should also be clarified that the report presented to the public on the FSSAI Website by UMR concerning ‘Tolerable Upper Limited (TUL) for vitamins and minerals,’ as at 05/09/2018, is ‘only for the information’ and is NOT for use in the field of health supplements and nutraceuticals by the food business operators/regulatory purposes.

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New RDA Compliance

The direction states that  from 1 July 2023, the RDA 2020 will come into effect. Thus, food companies may comply with the RDA 2010 or RDA 2020 for compliance till then. The directions further states that “However, from 1st July 2023, onwards only RDA 2020 as per the directions shall be in force and compilable by food businesses.”

Impact on businesses as FSSAI Issues Directions on RDA

Equinox Labs CEO Ashwin Bhadri says that the demand for nutritionally functional foods, particularly vitamin rich foods, has increased. This has increased substantially since the pandemic. It is now more common for people to be aware of it.

This is good news for the nutraceuticals sector having FSSAI Registration as FSSAI’s lastest RDA values will allow many brands, both old and new, to offer a wider range of products that comply with the regulations and appeal to a wider audience.

The FSSAI clarified, however, that the ICMR’s report on the tolerable upper limits for vitamin and mineral is not intending for food businesses . It is only made public for information purposes.

FSSAI issues directions for FBOs manufacturing Indian sweets & snacks

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