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India and China are often believed to have been the first countries to cultivate sugarcane and produce sugar from it. Thus, for centuries, Jaggery has been an important part of Indian culture and lifestyle. If you wish to start Jaggery Business or already have one, you must get FSSAI Registration License. In this article, you will learn important information about the FSSAI License for Jaggery.

Know about Jaggery Business in India

Jaggery is one of the largest and most influential businesses in the unorganized sector of India. In most cases, the machinery used in jaggery-making factories is manufactured by local craftsmen or technical workshops.

As a result of the jaggery industry’s decentralization and lack of organization, it has not grown much and the product continues to be manufactured in the old manner, lacking in quality and hygienic standards.

Importance of FSSAI License for Jaggery

Jaggery production of high quality may be secured by developing FSSAI Rules and regulations pattern jaggery producing units.

It’s possible that the high-quality jaggery made by adhering to FSSAI Standards here will be sent to a few nearby nations.

Quality and healthy jaggery will be in greater demand in the future as urban populations become more health-conscious.

What is FSSAI Registration?

The Food Safety and Standards Authority Act is a legislation that secures the laws relating to food and establishes science-based standards for food to manage its manufacturing, storage, distribution, sale, and import, to ensure that food is suitable for human consumption and other food-related concerns.

The Central FSSAI Registration license and the State FSSAI registration license are the two types of FSSAI license available under FSSAI. In addition to the FSSAI License, petty food retailers must also register with the FSSAI through basic fssai registration.

Advantages of FSSAI Registration for Jaggery Business

Advantages of FSSAI Registration for Jaggery Business

  • Obtaining a license may benefit a food business in a number of ways, including legal protection, brand recognition, increased customer awareness, and help with growth.
  • Export or Import food production, storage, distribution, and sale are all regulated by this system.
  • It is easier to raise money from investors if an FBO is registered with the FSSAI.
  • The presence of the FSSAI label on food goods helps to reassure customers about the product’s safety and quality.
  • The presence of an FSSAI registration number on the premises of a food establishment signifies that the facility meets the required requirements for food safety and quality.

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What classification does jaggery fall under?

Sub-category “Sweetening Agent” now includes cane jaggery/cane gur as a sub-category under Para 2 of Regulation 2.8.

Know all about FSSAI Registration category

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