FSSAI Licenses Required To Make Health Drinks In India

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The health drinks business in India has gained increasing momentum in the past several years. A significant section of the population has increased its consumption of various health drinks for fulfilling nutritional deficiencies. The health drink business is growing rapidly because of the growing awareness among people regarding their health and fitness levels. This blog will help us learn about the various permits and licenses, especially the different FSSAI licenses required to make health drinks in India. In this article, we will discuss FSSAI Licenses Required To Make Health Drinks In India.

FSSAI Licenses Required To Make Health Drinks In India

Starting a health drinks business in India is not such a difficult task. However, it is important that you obtain the necessary permits and licenses. The permissions and licenses, including the various FSSAI licenses required to make health drinks in India, areas listed below:

Company Registration:

For starting a health drink business in India, the first step is to register your business or company. You may register the health drink business as a limited liability partnership (LLP Incorporation) or a company.

EPF Registration:

All manufacturing establishments employing more than 20 employees should acquire the EPF Registration number. The registration form helps save a small portion of employees’ salaries for future requirements.

GST Registration:

All health drink businesses should have GST Registration if their turnover exceeds a specified threshold limit.

FSSAI Licenses:

All business institutions involved in India’s health drinks business must necessarily follow the specified safety standards. It is important to follow FSSAI guidelines and obtain an FSSAI license for operating a health drinks business in India. The various kinds of FSSAI licenses required include:

  • FSSAI Registration:

All health drinks businesses with an annual turnover not exceeding Rs. 12 lakhs must apply for an FSSAI Registration.

  • FSSAI State License:

For obtaining an FSSAI state license, an FBO’s annual turnover must range between Rs. 12 lakhs – Rs. 20 crores.

  • FSSAI Central License:

A food business can apply for an FSSAI Central license only if its turnover exceeds Rs. 20 crores.

No-Objection Certificate From Pollution Control Board:

All health drink manufacturing establishments must ensure they obtain a no-objection certificate from the State Pollution Control Board before commencing their operations.

ESI Registration:

A health drink business employing ten or more people needs to get itself registered under the Employees’ State Insurance Act i.e, ESI Registration.

Drug and Pharmaceutical License:

In case the health drinks manufactured contain caffeine, it becomes mandatory for food businesses and health drink manufacturers and suppliers to obtain permission from the Food and Drug Department regarding the quantity of caffeine used in the health drinks.

Guidelines to Follow Before Applying for an FSSAI License for Health Drinks

Mentioned below is a list of guidelines to follow before applying for an FSSAI license for health drinks.

  • A hazard test is conducted by the FSSAI authority to ensure the ingredients added in the health drinks are safe for human consumption.
  • A health drink manufacturing company must pursue appropriate strategies to maintain food production standards. Also, they should use verification procedures to confirm corrective actions have been taken.
  • Health drink manufacturing companies must provide extensive training to their employees. It ensures that employees understand the FSSAI guidelines and work on them effortlessly.

FSSAI Notifies Packaging Label Regulations

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