FSSAI Registration and License Process through e-inspection

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The apex food safety regulator FSSAI has announced that processing of FSSAI registration & Licenses will be done through e-inspection. 

Recently, FSSAI had updated on concerns about the manual handling of FSSAI License Applications. The Food licensing authority has now come out with a solution in the form of the e-assessments method, during the lockdown 3.0 period.  


1. Why is FSSAI conducting e-inspection of the FSSAI application?

The FSSAI has expressed that since the whole nation is at present under lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is preposterous to expect to direct physical examination of FBOs by food administrative specialists. 

  • Since physical examinations are impractical this could bring about a deferral in allowing of FSSAI registration & Licenses. Here authorizing specialists choose to have an assessment of FBO units before the award of registration & Licenses. 
  • This is indeed a time-consuming process. During the lockdown, this has become even more delayed.
  • Now, FSSAI has stated that delays can be prevented during the lockdown period through the e-assessment process. 

Also, read the FSSAI Circular.


2. What is the need of e-inspection by FSSAI?

FSSAI has every once in a while given ways of accentuating post permit examination rather than pre-permit/enlistment investigation because of constrained labor and keep away from undue deferrals in endorsing licenses. Be that as it may, the authorizing/enlisting specialists may in specific cases, especially of high-hazard nourishment classifications, choose to have the pre-permit assessment. 

Since, during the lockdown time frame, an assessment would not be conceivable, the FSSAI has chosen to consider e-inspection instead of a physical audit. This is a stage that will avoid the deferral in handling and allowing food license applications by Licensing Authorities. 


3. How will the e-inspection process be done?

In like manner, in cases, where authorizing or enrolling authority chooses to direct investigation before award of FSSAI Registration Certificate, the concerned authority may conduct e-assessment of FBO’s the reason/unit, for example, the authority may record the perceptions, by the method for recordings or pictures put together by the concerned FBO. 


4. What shall be the process of e-inspection for FSSAI Registration?

The mode of e-inspection for FSSAI Registration can be:-

  • The recordings or pictures identified with an audit during the lockdown circumstances can be done through any potential media accessible, including live video streaming. 
  • After accepting the recordings or pictures of the FBOs, the licensing authority will additionally process the application immediately. 
  • On the off chance that the facility of downloading recordings or pictures is accessible through that media, the concerned authority will download and keep a duplicate of these visuals in their electronic gadget for future reference. 

On that basis, the processing of the applications for FSSAI Registration or licenses for any sort of business immediately. 


5. What after Lockdown?

The examination process must be kept electronic, and applications will consistently be assessed by the Commissioners of Food Safety. However, after the Lockdown, the specialists may plan the physical audit of the FBOs to whom FSSAI Registration has been granted during the lockdown circumstance, whenever required. 

The FSSAI has also extended the date of FSSAI license renewal.

These requests will be inactivity during the current lockdown time frame as it were. The Commissioners of Food Safety are coordinated to give vital headings to Licensing/Registering experts for consistency.


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