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Students in schools and colleges rely on canteens for their meals. The concept of the food business in India also includes canteens at schools and colleges. Schools grant contracts to entrepreneurs for the operation of a food canteen on school grounds. These canteens offer breakfast, lunch, and snacks. While some have hostel mess facilities where students may eat all three meals each day. It is important to note that businesses or schools have to get FSSAI Registration, irrespective of the food business model. This article will guide you about important information relating to Fssai Registration & food safety license for schools.

Why Is FSSAI Registration Important for Schools?

More youngsters now rely heavily on the school canteen for their meals. Therefore, maintaining hygiene and giving them nutritious nourishment are crucial. Besides, the food must be healthy and of a good standard because students eat at the hostel mess and food courts. Any negligence in school canteens will result in health issues for students and teachers.

In order to guarantee that there is a supply of healthy, safe food for human consumption, the FSSAI was established to establish science-based standards for food products. It also regulates the storage, import, distribution, and manufacturing of safe and hygienic food for human consumption.

As a result, the schools also need to follow the FSS Act and Regulations’ requirements for food safety and get FSSAI Registration for their canteens and mess.

In addition, the Indian FSSAI food safety organization pays close attention to and maintains food quality. Food Safety License Registration is required for canteens in order to comply with the Food Safety Act’s legal requirements.

According to the food safety and standards authority of India (FSSAI), all schools must now register for an FSSAI Food Safety License in order to launch their business. FSSAI Registration also offers several benefits for schools.

The Benefits of FSSAI Registration for Schools

  • A school’s FSSAI license signifies that it complies with FSSAI rules and regulations, and therefore you can avoid penalties for FSSAI non-compliance.
  • Following the FSSAI Standards safeguards the health of students, teachers, and other staff.
  • Ensure hygienic products’ availability.
  • Using the FSSAI Registration Certificate and Logo on the school premises creates a unique brand image for your school.

Mandatory FSSAI Rules & Regulations for Schools

  • Schools that cater or sell school meals themselves within the school premises should seek FSSAI Registration or a license as a food business owner from the relevant authority under the Act and ensure that the food served is well-balanced in diet and safe for consumption.
  • A school that enters into an agreement or transaction to contract with food business operators (FBOs) to cater or sell school meals on its campus must ensure that the FBOs have an FSSAI License or Registration.
  • The Department of School Education should make sure that all FBOs hired to run the mid-day meals scheme are registered with FSSAI or have a license.
  • Food service businesses that cater to or sell food on campus should ensure that they follow the hygienic and sanitary standards that are provided to food producers as part of the Food Safety Standards (Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses) Regulations in 2011.
  • Schools should make sure that no one sells, or offers to sell, food that is high in saturated fat or trans-fats, or added sugar or sodium on the campus of the school or on the premises within 50 meters of the school’s premises.
  • The schools must promote and encourage the consumption of healthy, balanced and safe food plans within the mess hall, kitchen or canteen according to the guidelines set out by FSSAI.

The Process to Obtain FSSAI Registration Online for Schools

  • Visit the FoSCoS site.
  • Click on the “Apply/License Registration” option on the home page.
  • Select the state in which the school is located from the dropdown menu.
  • Choose the Food Services option and then choose the “Club/Canteen” option from the menu below
  • Select the option and then click the “Proceed” button
  • Complete the information on Form-A or Form B and then click the “Save” and “Next” buttons.
  • Enter the necessary details and attach the required documents.
  • Pay the FSSAI Registration Application Fees and verify the form.
  • The FSSAI officials will validate the information on the form. If they are required, they may inspect the premises of the school where the meal is being served.
  • Receive the FSSAI Registration Certificate in an online mode once the concerned authority confirms that your food business in school meets the FSSAI requirements.

If you still have any queries, feel free to contact our professionals. Our professionals can help you apply for FSSAI Registration or FSSAI License hassle-free.

Required Documents for Basic FSSAI Registration

Important Note: The FBOs selling food near the school premises also need to get FSSAI Registration, and they have to follow the same FSSAI Registration application procedure.

Apart from FSSAI registration, the schools need to comply with several other legal requirements. For example, they have to register as an educational society or as a trust. The complete process for starting a CBSE school is mentioned here: How to get your School Affiliated from CBSE?


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