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Having a coffee shop or café as a hangout spot for young people in India has grown fairly commonplace in the last few years. In these cafes, you’ll find a wide variety of teas and coffees as well as a few light meals like soups or desserts. As a result, many coffee shop owners need to fulfill many mandatory requirements to operate their business. One such mandatory requirement is FSSAI Registration online for Coffee Shop.  This article will guide you on all you need to know about FSSAI Registration for Coffee Shop.

Is FSSAI Registration for Coffee Shop Mandatory?

A café must obtain an FSSAI Registration or License because it is a food industry operator or food business operator. To ensure that the café’s snacks and drinks are fit for human consumption, they must get a food license.

FSSAI Registration or License is required for any food company activity in India to get off the ground in the country. A 14-digit license number must be obtained by all food dealers, producers, and restaurants. Every business related to food must have FSSAI and this number must be printed on all of their food packaging.

FSSAI Registration vs FSSAI License for Coffee Shop

Cafes with varying operational scopes and yearly revenues will require different types of FSSAI licenses and registration procedures. An annual café revenue of more than Rs 20 crore needs a central license.

Whereas, State licensing is required for coffee shops making between Rs 12 lakhs and Rs 20 crores in annual revenue, while a basic food license is required for those making less than Rs 12 lakhs.

However, The Food Safety Act of India mandates the acquisition of a food safety license for every food business operator, which can only be obtained by completing an online FSSAI registration form.

Key advantages of FSSAI Registration for Coffee Shop

advantages of FSSAI Registration for Coffee Shop

  • If a firm has an FSSAI number, it is seen as more trustworthy than a company that doesn’t have an FSSAI Registration number.
  • To sell your coffee on E-commerce sites like Flipkart and Amazon, you must have an FSSAI Registration license. It is mandatory for every e-commerce operator to sell only those food products having FSSAI Registration.
  • Without an FSSAI license, you’ll be fined Rs. 5 lakh and sentenced to at least six months in prison for operating an unlicensed food company.
  • If you have fssai registration, you are adhering to all of fssai’s policies and procedures. An illustration of this would be that the workplace is clean and free of sickness, with everyone who works there being in good health. You can also get Shop Establishment Registration and ISO Certification to further highlight this point.
  • If you have a fssai registration license, you can put the fssai logo on your packaged food; otherwise, you can’t.
  • Import and export of Coffee need a fssai registration along with Coffee Board Registration.
  • FSSAI Registration increases the brand value of your business.

Can you get FSSAI Registration Online?

By completing and submitting Form A (application for registration) or Form B (application for state-and-central-license) on the FoSCoS site, Food Business Organizations can receive FSSAI registration online.

The Food and Safety Department accepts both offline and online registration form FBOs by way of Form A or Form B.

However, FSSAI Registration Online with the help of professional experts is the most convenient, budget-friendly, and quick way to get your business registered with FSSAI.

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Penalty for not obtaining FSSAI Registration/Other Reasons

  • If the owner of a food company continues to operate without obtaining a Fssai License, they are in violation of the Fssai Act, 2011. The Food Business Administrator might face up to a half-year in prison and a fine of up to Rs. 5 lakh, or both.
  • As a result, the Food Business Operator faces a fine of up to Rs 5 lakhs for selling products that do not meet the quality standards set out by the Food Safety and Standardization Authority of India (FSSAI).
  • If a food company administrator uses the brand of another product for their own and sells it in the market, he can be fined up to Rs. 3 lakhs.
  • All Food Business Operators participating in retailing, storing, Wholesaling, Disseminating, or bringing in Food Items with extraneous materials would be penalized up to Rs. 1 lakh if found guilty.

Check the difference between FSSAI and FCI

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