FSSAI Registration for Fish Retailers in India

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The Fish Retailers should obtain an FSSAI license compulsorily as specified by Sec 92 of Food Safety and Standards. The government issues three types of licenses to the fish retailers namely basic license, state authority license, and central authority license. In this article, you will understand the complete procedure to obtain FSSAI Registration for Fish Retailers in India.

Also, The Department of FSSAI of India is an independent body established by the Ministry of Healthcare and Welfare to protect the health and wellness of the public regulating the food dealers across the country. Hence, FSSAI Registration for Fish Retailers is an important registration.

What is FSSAI Registration Certificate?

The FSSAI Registration certificate provides information about your business such as name, FBO, name, address, along period of validity. In other words, it is proof that you have a Fssai registration in India. Hence, The dealers should portray the certificate to the buyers at the business premises during working hours.

This certificate is valid for 1 to 5 years. You should apply for the renewal process 30 days prior to the date of expiry.

Documents required for FSSAI Registration for Fish Retailers

If you are applying for a State License, you should submit the following documents:

  • ID proof such as Aadhar card, driver’s license, voter’s card, etc
  • Registration certificate of the government
  • MOA and AOA in case of a limited company
  • Rental agreement
  • Declaration Form
  • Address Proof of business premises
  • List of fish-related products and equipment required for production
  • Financial statements

After seven days, the department informs you regarding the acceptance or rejection of forms. If accepted, then the department sends a registration certificate along with the registration number. The department also informs the reasons for rejection.

Benefits of FSSAI registration for Fish Retailers

Benefits of FSSAI registration for Fish Retailers

FSSAI Registration in India offers several benefits and Some of the major benefits of FSSAI Registration for Fish Retailers are as follows:

  • You can ensure your buyers that your fishery products are hygienic and wholesome.
  • As you are a registered dealer, the customers can easily trust you and buy your products.
  • You can expand your operations to different locations if you are a registered dealer and the people recognize you.
  • The FSSAI dealers can be entitled to certain privileges from the government as they can easily secure loans or funds.
  • The government assists the company in handling any legal issues in the future as they ensure that the dealers are supplying the best products.
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The fish retailers in India should compulsorily get registered under the law to ensure the quality of the fish. The fish that you are supplying should be hygienic and not cause any health hazards to the consumers. To do so, abiding by the FSSAI Registration and Standards are useful.

FSSAI Registration for Tiffin service

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