Guidelines for Packaged Drinking Water by FSSAI

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Application of the calcium limit and magnesium requirements in packaged potable water excluding mineral water. FSSAI has extended the time limit by six months to 1 July 2021 for Food Business Property Operators (FBOs). In this article, we will discuss on Guidelines for Packaged Drinking Water by FSSAI.

Guidelines for Packaged Drinking Water by FSSAI

The timetable for compliance with the requirements of the food safety system and food additives amend by the FSSAI in a notice dated 22 June 2021.

The FSSAI referred to its earlier Directive of 30 December 2020, in the Fourth Amendment Regulations. 2019 on the compliance of Calcium and Magnesium limit provisions for packaged drinking water (other than mineral water), with the Fourth Amendment Regulations, to 1 July, 30 December 2020

FSSAI received many comments from stakeholders requesting that the calcium and magnesium standard compliance schedule for packaged drinking water be extended (other than Mineral Water). As a result of the shutdown to control the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the requests made by operators,  not yet ready to comply with the conditions.

The FSSAI has decided to further extend the timeline for compliance with the Calcium and Magnesium limitations for Packaged Drinking Water (other than Mineral Water) requirements by 1 January 2022 after considering the representations.

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In packaged drinking water about Calcium and magnesium

The Standards amended under “General Parameters for Unwanted Substances in Excessive Quantities,” according to the Fourth Amendment, 2019, whereby the allowable limits were amended to 20mg of Calcium (as Ca) (previous limit 75mg) per liter of packaged drinking water and magnesium (as mg) For food and food safety standards the standards for Calcium modified as an excessively high level.

The FSSAI extended this amendment’s compliance dates to 1 July 2020 utilizing an earlier notice. However, the parties involved have made representations to FSSAI for a prolongation of time to comply with the provisions of the Amendment regulation concerning the limit on the sale of common salt because of the situation COVID-19 and subsequent lock-down by the central and state government and disruption in the supply chain. Because of the problems experienced by the FBOs, the FSSAI decided to prolong the date to 1 January 2021 of compliance with this Regulation further.

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