How do I get a foreign client to sell spices from India?

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For centuries, the world has craved the unique flavours of Indian spices. If you’re looking to share these treasures with international customers, exporting spices can be a successful business venture. This guide will equip you with the steps to find a foreign client to sell spices and build a thriving spice export business.

Stepwise Process to get a Foreign Client to Sell Spices from India

Step 1: Find the perfect buyer for your spices

First, look for foreign companies that sell spices or similar products abroad. This shows they already have customers interested in spices. Research online or attend trade shows to find these companies. Government agencies can also help you connect with potential clients.

Step 2: Create a Pitch Deck

Once you’ve identified potential clients, it’s time to create a persuasive pitch deck that highlights what makes your Indian spices special. You should focus on the following key elements:

  • High quality: Indian spices are known for being fresh, flavorful, and pure. Explain how you get the best spices.
  • Lots of choices: India has a wide variety of spices. Showcase the many spices you offer, from common ones like turmeric and coriander to rarer ones like black cardamom or long pepper.
  • Good for health: Many Indian spices are good for you. Research and highlight the health benefits of your spices, as more and more people are looking for ingredients that are good for them.
  • Certification: If your spices are organic or follow international food safety standards and have ISO Certification, mention this to build trust with potential clients.

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Step 3: Reach out and open doors

With an engaging pitch deck, it’s time to contact your target clients. Here are some effective methods:

  • Emails: Send professional emails that introduce your company, explain what spices you offer, and highlight the benefits of buying from you. Include clear pictures and any relevant certifications.
  • Phone calls: Follow up your emails with phone calls to introduce yourself and answer any questions the client might have.
  • Trade shows: Participating in international food and beverage trade shows allows you to connect with potential clients face-to-face, showcase your products, and network with industry professionals.

Step 4: Let them experience the magic – Sending samples

While your pitch deck might spark interest, there’s nothing quite like the experience of tasting the quality of your spices firsthand. Whenever possible, offer to send samples to potential clients. This allows them to assess the aroma, flavour profile, and overall quality of your product.

Step 5: Negotiation – Sealing the Deal

If a client expresses interest after trying your samples, it’s time to discuss the specifics of the business relationship. This includes:

  • Pricing: Negotiate a fair price that considers factors like bulk quantities, quality standards, and market competition. Research prevailing export prices to establish a baseline.
  • Shipping & Logistics: Discuss shipping arrangements, including costs, timelines, and any necessary documentation or certifications required for importing spices into the client’s country.
  • Payment Terms: Establish clear payment terms, including payment methods, credit periods, and any minimum order quantities.


In conclusion, there is a huge global demand for Indian Spices and therefore a huge business opportunity. To succeed in the spice export business, you must get good quality foreign clients. This article has provided you with essential steps or strategies that you can use to get a foreign client to sell spices from India.

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