How to Build Your Seed Round Pitch Deck

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To entice and convey their narrative to investors, businesses seeking funding for the first time will need a seed round presentation deck.  Therefore, it is a common query of how to build a seed round pitch deck. It is important to note that  the number of slides needed to cover each section may vary depending on your industry. For example, some businesses may need two slides to explain their product, whereas others will only need one slide. Most companies that successfully secure impressive seed round investments use the following outline in their venture capital fundraising decks. This post will tell you How to Build Your Seed Round Pitch Deck.

What is a Seed Round?

Seed Round is the initial round through which a company raises capital to begin the business. As the name suggests, Seed Round is like planting a seed to begin the journey of growing a business.

What is a Pitch Deck?

The Pitch Deck is a brief presentation that provides details about your company and business to potential investors.

A pitch deck for startups or a pitch deck for investors are terms that are frequently used to describe the pitch deck. To guarantee that investors can understand the business’ potential, it uses the slides to simply summarize the company’s operations and prospects for success.

Stepwise Process to build your Seed Round Pitch Deck 

What you’re trying to fix. (Problem)

Explain the issue your startup is trying to solve at the outset of the VC deck. The problem section is where many founders spend the least amount of work. However, this is where you can explain why your solution is required.

The answer to the problem. (Solution)

Describe your solution, why it works, and its advantages for users. Keep your answer as straightforward as possible because the simplest solutions to problems are frequently the most effective: If you can’t explain it in less than 30 seconds, you’re more likely to confuse investors than persuade them.

Your offering of a good or service and Product’s USP

If you’re currently developing the product, describe how you envision it operating after it’s finished. In the alternative, if you now have a version of your product in development, demonstrate how it’s doing thus far, user interaction, and early traction in the market. Key indicators could include referral rates, usage, churn, growth metrics, NPS scores, or other benchmarks pertinent to your product or sector. Investors should be told what makes your solution unique and how this opportunity stands out from others in the market. By your response, this can entail addressing:

  • The innovative technology you’re creating
  • Your team’s knowledge
  • The environment of competition
  • Your market entry plan

The corporate strategy/Company Vision

Explain to investors how you plan to earn money from your product and why this business strategy makes sense in your industry. Don’t go into depth about your intentions for potential future expansion; talk about your primary source of income. Along with this, The purpose of your company and its goals should be briefly explained on the Company Vision slide.

The market potential/ Competitive edge.

Make it clear if your solution addresses a worldwide need or caters to a multi-billion dollar market so that VC companies may consider investing in your startup based on its maximum potential annual income. Knowing your competition and your competitive advantage are some of the most crucial fundamental topics in a pitch deck when asking for money from investors.

Financial Estimates

You need not provide high-level financials at the seed stage, but this data is essential to communicate your vision for the company’s future and demonstrate its viability. Give estimates of the number of revenues and the number of new clients or users you intend to attract pitch deck for startup.

Investment and financial use

Always tell potential investors how much money you’re searching for because your pitch deck aims to raise money. Give background on your request, including why you’re asking for this sum and any prior funding rounds the firm has received.

Other important elements and complete list for creating a seed round pitch deck are available at- Pitch decks: 11 Elements to Include in a Pitch Deck

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It’s crucial to remember that the end of the investor presentation has significantly less of an impact than the beginning. As a result, concentrate on presenting your company’s story in the first few minutes rather than tying your pitch together on the last slide. Make sure to integrate storytelling in a pitch deck to highlight your strengths and potential.


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