How to check income tax jurisdictions online?

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In order to do ITR Filing, taxpayers must have knowledge of their Income Tax ward and Income Tax circle. The Income Tax Ward or Circle is also known as Income Tax Jurisdiction.

Thus, understanding this jurisdictional information is advantageous as it plays a crucial role in any communication from the Income Tax Department.

So, let’s learn about the process to check income tax jurisdictions online.

Why is it important to know Income Tax Jurisdictions Online?

The Income taxation department sends intimations, notices, and other orders to taxpayers at their designated addresses based on their jurisdiction.

Furthermore, if taxpayers need to file applications offline, they are obligated by law to approach a Jurisdictional Assessment Officer.

In addition, the knowledge of Income Tax Jurisdiction is also necessary when applying for a new PAN.

Different jurisdictions have different tax laws and regulations. By knowing the specific income tax jurisdiction applicable to you or your business, you can ensure that you accurately do ITR Filing and comply with the specific requirements of that jurisdiction.


Understand the Components of Income Tax Jurisdictions Online

The Area Jurisdiction of the Income Tax Department is determined by the Ao Code, which includes the following components:

  • Area Code: The area code represents the geographical area in which the taxpayer’s jurisdiction is located.
  • AO Type: The AO type indicates the category of Assessing Officer (AO) to which a taxpayer belongs. If the taxpayer falls under AO Type C, they are categorized under a ‘circle,’ while AO Type W represents a ‘ward.’ When a taxpayer’s income exceeds Rs. 10 lakh, they are classified under the ‘Circle’ category.
  • Range Code: The range code indicates the income range to which a taxpayer belongs.
  • AO Number: The AO number represents the unique identifier assigned to the Assessing Officer responsible for a particular ward where the taxpayer is situated.

These jurisdictional details include the name of the Assessing Officer’s building and their email ID. These details enable taxpayers to connect with the appropriate officer at the correct location for any necessary in-person handling of tax disputes.

Two ways to Check Income Tax Jurisdictions Online

Find your Income Tax Jurisdictions Online through Official Website

Access the official website of the Income Tax Department.

And go to link available at home page: JURISDICTION​ 

Take a call from Expert

Login into the official website 

 income tax department website

  • In the second step, click on “My Profile” within the “Profile Settings” section.
  • Proceed to the PAN details section, where the user can find the following information:
    • PAN
    • Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Gender
    • Category
    • Address
    • Status
    • Whether an Indian Citizen?
  • Jurisdiction details:
    • Area Code
    • AO Type
    • Range Code
    • AO Number
    • Jurisdiction
    • Building Name

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