How To Copyright A Song In India

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As we know, Just composing a song is not perfect, rather conserving it from infringement is fairly significant. To protect your song from being utilised by any of your competitors don’t stay to obtain a copyright for it. With this article, we will take a complete understanding of how to Copyright a Song in India.

Before diving deep directly into the topic, let us learn about copyright and it’s importance.

Know about Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration in India is an intellectual property right that renders by the law to authors of literature. Further, musical, theatrical, and creative works, producers of cinematograph movies, and sound recordings.

With Copyright Registration, there are many benefits comprising the rights of copying, information to the public, modification, and interpretation of the work.

The main motive of this registration is to give a reward to the author or author over their work in the form of least safeguarding priorities. Moreover, the good news for all the song authors or producers is that presently they can get protection for their song’s lyrics and music. 

Elements of copyright of the song

Before you suppose to copyright your song, list the elements of the song:

  1. The lyrics: It’s the words that arrived at your mind that you determine to turn into the song
  2. The music: It’s the rhythm behind those words that ultimately gave voice to your lyrics.
  3. The recording: It’s the record of you singing that song.
  4. the background instrumental: It’s the recording of the background instruments that you executed into that song.

Why is Copyright Registration Crucial?

Copyright Registration is vital to protect the creators, creative work such as music, books, manuscripts, software’s, films, fashion designs, website etc from being copied and utilized for commercial purposes without the creators permission thus causing enormous loss to the creator. Copyrights regulate against unauthorized copying, the taking of another’s creation, without spending for it.

Also, Copyright is almost a creation of statute, the copyright act makes it clear that no person shall be authorized to Copyright or any identical rights, in any work whether published or unpublished, otherwise than in agreement with the provisions of the Act.

What is the objective of the Copyright Registrar

Copyright Registrar mainly serves as an office of the certificate, a place where claims to copyright are registered and documents pertained to copyright are recorded. the objective is to provide information about the requirements of the copyright law and the procedures for making registration, to comprehend the operations and practices of the Copyright Office, and to document facts found in the public records of the Office.

Documents obliged for Copyright a Song

  1. For producing a request of songs copyright, the NOC of the publisher/producer/author/composer and all other persons correlated with the creation of a song should present them.
  2. Two initial and identical samples or copies of the work.

Advantages Song of Copyright Registration

  1. Your work cannot have an infringement by any other company or company firm.
  2. The copyright registration certificate is true and legal for the lifetime of the owner plus sixty years.
  3. Violation of the copyright is a cognizable offence and a police objection will have a contract to stop it.
  4. Upon violation, a civil suit can be filed at the position where the owner of the copyright is situated.
  5. Additional, anyone can copy any material report comprising the filing of it in any medium including automated or electronic means.

How to Copyright Your Website?

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