How to create a sales pitch deck

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The best salespeople know that their success depends on their ability to explain why their product is valuable to customers. Using a large number of words, you can surely express yourself clearly. However, strong graphics are one of the most effective tools. As a result, having a Sales Pitch Deck with appropriate content and graphics for business becomes essential. Learn how to create a sales pitch deck through this article.

What is a Sales Pitch Deck?

A sales pitch deck is a presentation that addresses two crucial questions for the prospect: what are you selling and why should they care? If you’ve done your sales pitch well, it will show potential customers why they should buy your product and how much money they’ll save or make with it. To put it simply, it’s the starting point for a fruitful sales conversation that ultimately results in a sale.

Furthermore, A sales pitch deck is an essential element of sales enablement since it facilitates contract closure. A well-organized deck will provide you with all the tools you need to introduce your product’s advantages and benefits, as well as some straightforward visual aids for addressing any objections and prompting in-depth conversation.

Apart from Sales Pitch Deck, there is also an Investor Deck important for businesses. Know more about it at: Investor Pitch Deck: Overview, Benefits, Documents and Difference between pitch deck and investor deck.

Stepwise Procedure to Create a Sales Pitch Deck

Conduct a Market Research

Knowing your customer base allows you to craft a sales message that speaks directly to their concerns. Because of this, you should conduct market analysis before creating your sales presentation.

Who are your typical clients? In what ways do they make money? Who are they working for, and what team do they mostly belong to? Just what are the primary difficulties facing the group or organization? Who are some of the rivals they may choose from? What kind of compatibility does your product have with their existing procedure? Questions like this must be answered through market research procedure. You can also have the customer remark on your work. Discuss what they enjoyed and what they didn’t like. A more involved customer base is a happy customer base.

Build a Story

The next step is to construct a story around the issues you’ve identified as being important to your target audience.

In most circumstances, a sales pitch deck will begin with slides that emphasize on the problem and provide a cure.What is the story behind your product? Your product should be a solution to their problems.

When they weren’t utilizing your product, what were their daily routines like? Specifically, what difficulties arose on a regular basis that just could not be overcome? Has there been a recent change in the market that has presented fresh challenges to companies?

After that, describe in detail how the issue will be resolved. What could life be like if these problems were resolved? The prospect’s day-to-day working life is impacted in what ways? How will this help the group or business as a whole? The next part of your tale should focus on your product as the main character. Read moer at: How to sell your story through your pitch deck in India

Make the Pitch Deck Short

The top examples of pitch decks are not designed to overwhelm or mislead clients with facts. It’s meant to remove any friction from the buying process. Potential buyers may be scared off by an excessive number of options or an attempt at upselling.

Don’t clutter up your slides, just provide the essential information. Reduce the amount of slides to the bare minimum required, and ensure that every one of them contributes something useful. If you’re not sure whether to keep the slides separate or merge them, do the latter.

So, tell about your product’s benefits in brief. Do not list each and every benefit. To assist you in narrowing this down, select the three aspects that your consumers frequently praise. Then, include the advantages you’ve identified into your presentation.

There are also several other key elements of pitch deck that you should know to create an effective pitch deck. You can read about this at: Pitch decks: 11 Elements to Include in a Pitch Deck.

Use Social Proof to gain trust

Social proof is a huge hit with everyone. You can find it all over the SaaS landing sites you visit, on the blogs you read regularly, and all over your Instagram feed.

That’s right; what was once a potent trust instrument is now simply additional white noise to your consumers.

So, you should choose a review if someone made the purchasing choice and was satisfied enough to write a favorable review. But make sure it’s relevant to their situation, and only utilize the best examples of social proof you have. The social proof must be the relatable thing for the targeted customer.

To get a better understanding, you can also find pitch decks used by tech companies to raise capital.

Do some customizations as per the client and generate positive feelings

Alternately, if you take the time to customize your sales deck by including the buyer’s name or the name of their company, as well as including some images that are relevant to them and removing any slides that aren’t linked to them, it might give the impression that you care more about the individual than the sale. It indicates your involvement and concern for them which will generate positive feelings for your product.

Improvise Graphic Content

As a final touch, this may make your sales presentation deck much more appealing to potential customers. Your clients have likely seen competing salespeople’s decks, complete with their brand prominently displayed. Also, most people learn better with pictures, so work with the marketing team to design eye-catching graphics for your sales presentations. The less text and screen captures there are, the better You can also outsource pitch deck creation to get the best graphic and content for your Pitch Deck.

Take a call from Expert


In conclusion, a Sales Pitch Deck is beneficial for every business. However, the sales pitch deck is a blend of science and art. Therefore, you must carefully create it and take expert’s assistance to further enhance its effectiveness.

Pitch decks: 11 Elements to Include in a Pitch Deck

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