How to export coconut from india to other countries

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Information like export data of Coconut, global buyers and importers of Coconut, export processes for Coconut, and duties and taxes imposed on export of Coconut from India are all things you’ll need to know if you want to get into the export business. Know about exporting Coconut from India to other countries through this article.

Scope of Coconut Export Business

India is a major exporter of coconuts, supplying more than 140 nations. Around 63 major Indian ports are used for the export and import of coconuts. When it comes to exporting coconuts, India is a key participant. In 2020-21, the country exported around 34% of the world’s total crop.

Stepwise Procedure to start Coconut Export Business in India

Conduct a Market Research

You should research the potential of the market, the competitive landscape, and the current and future demand for coconut goods before making any final decisions. Pick a market where there is a lot of interest in coconut items. Also, check to see if the target market has the means to purchase your product or service. Doing so will protect you from financial setbacks and make a viable business plan.

Fulfill the Legal Requirements

Like every other business, coconut export business also requires you to have some legal registrations or license.

The first and foremost is Company Formation. If you are starting a small business alone, it’s best to get sole proprietorship registration or if you are starting it with a business partner, you can get LLP Registration or a Partnership Firm Registration.

However, if you have scaled your business or started a medium sized business, you can have Private Limited Company Registration.

The next step is to get Import Export Code Registration and Coconut Board Registration. Coconut Board Registration is essential as it allows exporters to claim export benefits, do product research, establish global connections and much more.

Import Export Code or IEC Code is essential registration that provides a unique identification number to each exporter and importer. It is mandatory for every business engaging in import-export business to get IEC Code. Afterwards, you will also have to get AD Code Registration and SAFTA Certificate.

The AD Code Registration is a must as it helps in generation of shipping bills and allows you to transfer credit to the trader’s current account directly. Besides, it’s mandatory for export businesses to have AD Code registration as it enables the customs clearance at each and every port.

The SAFTA License provides Certificate of Origin which allows the worldwide market to know that your product is made in India. Lastly, if you are also planning to export other edible items made of coconut, you will need to get FSSAI Registration.

Make a Shipment Plan

The success of exporting companies depends on the timely arrival of their shipments. You need to be aware of which method of transport is optimal for your goods. Depending on what you sell, you’ll have to decide how you’d like coconut items supplied to the new market. You can utilize airplanes and other rapid shipping methods for perishable goods. Also, you have the option to tailor your shipping schedule to your budget.

Create an Online Presence and Marketing Plan 

Maintaining contact with your clientele via websites and social media is one approach to increase repeat business. A website development service making a solid and optimized website makes a great first impression on prospective new customers. It’s a great strategy for attracting new customers. Customers may browse your other coconut offerings and place orders directly through the site. In addition, they will be able to voice any concerns, questions, or suggestions they may have regarding your product. You should also make a plan through which you may promote your products. Becoming a member of the Coconut Board will also help in this important step.

Must know tips to Start Coconut Export Business in India

  • Consult with experts or business advisors before starting your business. You will be able to understand the essentials in a better way and also cover the information gap.
  • Build a solid supply chain and marketing plan even before starting your business.
  • Get GST Registration to claim the GST Benefits and Trademark Registration to protect your brand’s identity in the competitive global market.
  • Make a Solid Pitch Deck if you are looking for investment from angel investors or venture capitalists.
  • Hire a well-experienced CA to handle your bookkeeping and accounting. However, if you can’t afford in-house CA, you can outsource it online and also avail the service of Virtual CFO.


In Conclusion, the Coconut Export Business is highly profitable. However, you need to make a solid business plan and complete all the legal procedures to make it successful. Besides, you need to be smart, aware and take better risk management steps in order to survive the competitiveness of the market. Lastly, keep in mind above mentioned tips that will help you differentiate from your competitors in the Coconut Export Business in India.

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