How to Get Barcode in India

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Barcodes are machine-readable symbols consisting of numbers and parallel lines that are solely used to identify and track items. It also plays a key role in supply chains, allowing merchants, manufacturers, and transportation providers to easily identify and monitor things as they travel through the system.  Thus, In this article, let us understand the complete process of How to get a barcode in India.

Thus, Barcodes may now be seen on the packaging of a wide range of items, and they serve a number of vital functions. If you deal in packaged goods, you should think about creating barcodes for them otherwise it can also result in the failure of the business.

What is a Barcode?

A barcode is a code made composed of digits and parallel lines of variable lengths that can be read by machines. It is mostly used to identify a certain type of product. With a barcode-reading machine connected to a database, this code may be scanned and identified in seconds.

In other terms, a barcode is a standardized code that consists of a sequence of vertical black and white bars of varying widths, followed by a 12 or 13-digit number. The data inside the bars as well as the digital code may be scanned with a laser barcode scanner.

Additionally, it provides sufficient information for shops to determine their company and product details by searching online for the barcode number or using a barcode scanning app.

Why are Barcodes important?

Manually managing a big inventory is time-consuming and increases the risk of mistakes. And that is where barcodes come into play. They can assist wholesalers, merchants, and consumers in accurately tracking inventory and reducing human error. It also makes real-time monitoring a possibility. You can always know the convenient amounts of different items using barcodes.

Furthermore, because a barcode system does not need as many personnel to administer, barcodes make inventory management significantly less expensive. Because a barcode system allows you to rapidly and accurately verify inventory, it can also make it easier to detect theft or fraud.

Understand the Registration of Barcode in India

Firstly, GS1 is a non-profit international organization that regulates and standardizes barcodes in India. GS1 is a non-profit organization that establishes and manages barcode standards used by producers and distributors.

Around two million businesses operate in 20 different areas, including retail and consumer packaged goods, food, healthcare, transportation and logistics, government, and so on.

It is straightforward to obtain a barcode for your items in India by providing the necessary documentation to GS1 India, along with the applicable payment, for the allotment of a GS1 Company Prefix.

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Complete Procedure to get Barcode in India

To get Barcode in India, you need to follow the steps that are mentioned below.

  • Apply for GS1 Company Prefix

Receiving a GS1 Company Prefix from a GS1 Member Organization is the first step in designating a GS1 Identification Key. Companies can use the GS1 Company Prefix to create identifying keys for trade commodities, logistic units, places, individuals, assets, coupons, and more.

  • Assign Identification Numbers

A corporation can begin assigning identifying numbers to its trade products, locations, logistical divisions, personal and company assets, refundable assets (pallets, kegs, tubs), and service relationships after receiving a GS1 Company Prefix.

  • Build the Specifications for the product

The criteria for barcode kind, dimension, position, and quality are all determined by the location of the barcode. You can establish the correct requirements for your barcode’s creation if you can determine where it will be scanned.

  • Choose the placement

Lastly, When it comes to symbol placement, the packaging procedure should be examined first. In addition, To ensure that the mark is not covered or defaced, you can also consult the packaging engineer. This is the final step and now you can successfully apply for Barcode Registration.

Benefits of Barcode Registration

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