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Following the dismantling of the planning commission, the Indian government established Niti Aayog ( Yojna Aayog). In 2015, Niti Aayog was established after the planning commission was abolished at the behest of Honorable PM Shri Narendra Modi. Businesses may register with the government through Niti Aayog and receive a wide range of benefits as a result. Businesses that have registered with Niti Aayog are eligible for government subsidies, grants, attractive proposals, and Unique Identification numbers. Learn about the process to get niti aayog registration through this article.

What is Niti Aayog Registration?

In this era of digitization, the government’s principal priority is the upkeep of a single database listing every non-governmental organisation, society, and trust that has applied for and plans to receive public support. To that end, the government has made it such that non-profit organizations can’t request for money from the government’s welfare schemes or propose their projects to government agencies unless they’ve first registered with Niti Aayog through obtaining Niti Aayog Registration.

Here are some positive outcomes that can result from registering a non-governmental organisation with Niti Aayog:

  • The receipt of government funds requires registration with Niti Aayog.
  • The public’s trust in a non-profit organization or charitable trust is bolstered as a result.
  • NGOs on the Blacklist are also tracked by the NGO Darpan Portal.
  • Applying for a grant using this site puts your request in front of the appropriate government agency.

Eligibility for Niti Aayog Registration

Registration with Niti Aayog is open to any NGO, VO, or charity registered under a provision of the Indian Companies Act, 1956. There is no way for a single person to sign up for Niti Aayog Registration.

Stepwise Process to get Niti Aayog Registration

  • Visit
  • Select the Sign Up option after clicking the Login/Register link.
  • List the name of the NGO or VO, the contact person’s email address, and their mobile number. Put the security code in, submit the request, and then give the NGO/PAN VO’s information.
  • OTP will be sent to the email address and mobile number you provided. After the OTP has been verified, create a password for future login purposes.
  • Return to the home page now and use the Sign In option to log in. Your Login ID and Password must be entered.
  • After logging in, you will see the pre-filed PAN number and NGO/VO name.
  • Please provide the information below to continue.
    • NGO address,
    • NGO/VO registration authority (the legislation under which the NGO/VO is registered),
    • NGO/VO registration copy, and registration number must all be provided. Provide information on all additional registrations, if any, such as FCRA registration, GST registration, etc.
    • Act Name and Date of Registration under This Act
  • Now give at least three members’ information from the executive committee, founding members, or office holders as of the application date.
  • Now, List all sources of funding that you have received from government agencies over the last five years.
  • Give contact information for a key person who can be contacted if you have any questions.
  • Now give information on the NGO/VO Core area of working with states. This is a crucial step because you’ll get grants from government departments based on where they operate.
  • When you give all this information. Once your profile is entirely finished, you can submit the application.
  • Your application is delivered to the appropriate officer for processing after you submit it.
  • The officer will review your paperwork and, if necessary, either approve your application or request additional documentation.
  • When your application is accepted, you will receive a Unique Id that you will use going forward for all government correspondence.


In conclusion, the article above highlights the complete process of Niti Aayog Registration. For further queries or to get Niti Aayog Registration without any hassle, you can communicate with our niti aayog registration experts at: 8881-069-069.

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