How to get Shop Establishment Certificate online?

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In India, it is mandatory to get a shop establishment license to avoid the hefty penalty and conduct their business. Thus,  it is important to know how to get it Furthermore, you must get a shop establishment certificate online if you want to avail certain benefits for you and your business from banks or the government. You can get the registration certificate online without facing any hassle through our web portal. In this article, you will read the complete stepwise procedure to get a shop establishment certificate online.

What is Shop Establishment License?

The Shop and Establishment License comes under the Shop and Establishment Act. It is mandatory to obtain the registration certificate or license for every kind of business within the thirty days of commencement of the business.

Under the shop and establishment act, the government keeps an eye on the commercial establishments. It also assigns some duties or obligations to the employer.

Details required for Shop Establishment Certificate Online

  • Details of the Employer
  • Type of Establishment
  • Number of Employees
  • Details of the Management if Any
  • Name of the Establishment etc

Important Note: Shop Establishment Act and License requirements vary state to state. For example, in Maharashtra, it is Gumasta License and shopex in Delhi. Similarly, e-Karmik in Karnataka, and trade license in Bihar.

Our guide on All about Shop Establishment license in India can assist you in understanding the Shop Establishment License Registration in detail.

Benefits of Shop Establishment License

Benefits of Shop Establishment License

  • Helps in getting a business loan
  • Government offers several schemes to businesses having MSME Registration and Shop Establishment License.
  • You can avoid penalties and gain the trust of employees.
  • The shop establishment license can also assist you in opening a Current bank Account.
  • Also helps in getting other important registrations such as GST Registration, EPF Registration and ESI Registration.

Procedure to get Shop Establishment Certificate Online

The application process varies from state to state. Furthermore, the validity of the Shop Establishment License is also different. Hence, you can follow the stepwise procedure to get a shop establishment certificate or license through our web portal.

  • Request a Call Back.
  • Our experts will assist you in understanding the document requirement and preparation.
  • The next step is sharing the documents.
  • Then our professional will initiate the application process.
  • Once it’s approved, you will get it delivered to your Email.

Document Requirement for Shop Establishment Certificate Online

Documents you need to get Shop Establishment Certificate Online are as follows.:

Take a call from Expert

Who should get Shop Establishment Certificate Online 

If you run any store or other commercial enterprise in India, then Under the shop establishment legislation, every business must get approval from the Department of Labor and maintain up-to-date records of employees, penalties, reimbursements and advances, wages, and absences.

Although the criteria may differ from state to state, files relating to yearly holidays and the number of workers must be filed to the Municipal Corporation’s office on an annual basis.

Difference between Trade License and Shop Establishment License

Moreover, If you want any other guidance related to Shop Establishment License, please feel free to talk to our business advisors at 8881-069-069.

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