How To Get Trademark Registration Online In Delhi

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Trademark registration in Delhi offers you a powerful legal shield, protecting your brand and preventing infringement. So, let’s learn all about Trademark Registration Online in Delhi through this article.

Steps to get Trademark Registration Online in Delhi

1.Choosing a Distinct Trademark

  • Originality: Pick a unique and original trademark that stands out from existing ones. Avoid similarities that could lead to conflicts.
  • Memorability: Opt for a catchy and easy-to-remember trademark that sticks in the minds of your customers.

2.Conducting a Trademark Search

  • IPIndia’s Online Facility: Utilise the online search tool on the IPIndia website to ensure your chosen trademark isn’t already registered.
  • Importance of Search: Conducting a thorough search minimises the risk of objections and delays during the registration process.
  • Read our detailed guide on this important step: How to search for Trademark availability

3.Filing the Trademark Application Online in Delhi

  • Download Form: Download and complete the Trademark Registration Application form from the IP India website.
  • Submission Options: Choose between electronically filing the completed form or submitting it in person at the Delhi office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks.


4.Paying the Application Fee

  • Payment Methods: Pay the application fee online or offline through various channels.
  • Timing: Remember to pay the fee after submitting all required documents.

5.Addressing Objections

  • Prompt Response: Respond promptly to any requests for clarification or objections raised during the examination process.
  • Seek Expert Guidance: If you need help addressing objections, consider consulting a qualified trademark registration expert in Delhi.
  • Get the right help and guidance easily through: Trademark Objection Reply

6.Receiving Your Registration Certificate

  • Completion and Clearance: Once all steps are completed and objections addressed, you’ll receive your official trademark registration certificate.

Explore the detailed Trademark Registration process flowchart for further understanding: Trademark Registration process Flowchart

7.Checking Application Status Online

Benefits of Trademark Registration Online in Delhi

  • Exclusive Usage Rights: Enjoy the legal right to use your registered trademark and prevent unauthorised use by others.
  • Infringement Protection: Take legal action against any unauthorised use of your registered trademark.
  • Enhanced Brand Value: A registered trademark builds trust and recognition, boosting your brand value.
  • Simplified International Protection: Trademark registration in Delhi facilitates the process of obtaining protection in other countries.

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Validity and Renewal of Trademark Registration Online in Delhi

  • Renewal Process: Renew your registration online before its expiry to maintain legal protection. Our guide, “How to Renew your Trademark Registration Online in India” provides step-by-step instructions.
  • 10-Year Validity: Your trademark registration in India remains valid for 10 years.


In Conclusion, Trademark registration is an important step for any business in Delhi. By following these steps and seeking expert guidance if needed, you can secure your brand and ensure its sustainable growth in the market.

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