How to raise a grievance on EPFO? A step-by-step guide

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EPFO is a scheme that many citizens of our nation use. Most of the businesses need EPF Registration in India. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to raise a grievance on EPFO! In this article, we will read about steps to raise a grievance on EPFO. We will also read about EPFO and EPF in this article.

What is EPFO?

EPFO (Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation)is a retirement fund body that offers Universal Social Security Coverage to all salaried workers in India. As a result, It is one of the world’s largest social governmental agencies.

Which schemes fall under EPFO?

EPF Scheme 1952, Pension Scheme 1995 (EPS), and Insurance Scheme 1976 are the three schemes falling under EPFO.

However, EPF is one of the most popular schemes on this list.

What is EPF?

Provident Fund, or EPF, is a retirement savings plan. In this plan, all employees and workers contribute equally to the fund.

Consequently, the employer and the employee contribute a total of 12% of the employee’s basic wage.

Afterward, on retirement, the employee receives a lump sum payment plus interest.

What are mandatory requirements before filing a complaint on EPFO?

  • You’ll need your Universal Account Number (UAN) to file the grievance.
  • However, you can also file a complaint if you don’t have your employer’s UAN, Pension Payment Order (PPO) number, or establishment number.
  • You can file a complaint related to multiple PF numbers associated with a single UAN. For an EPS pensioner, you will also need to provide the PPO number.

What are the steps to raise a grievance on EPF?

As we read above, the raising of Grievance on EPF is facilitating. The steps for the same are easy too. You can follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Visit 
  • Click on ‘Register Grievance’ to file your case.
  • On your computer screen, a new web page will appear.
  • Now Choose if you’re filing the case as a PF owner, an EPS pensioner, an employer, or someone else.

Important Note: If you don’t have your employer’s UAN/PPO number/Establishment number, you may use the ‘Others’ choice.

  • Select ‘PF member’ as your status to address your PF account complaint. You’ll be prompted to type your UAN as well as a security code.
  • Click ‘Get Details’ after entering the right UAN and protection code. As a result, Your desktop screen will display your masked private information connected to your UAN.
  • Click on the ‘Get OTP’ button. Afterward, Your registered phone number and email address will receive a one-time password (OTP).
  • Now enter the OTP and click on submit.
  • After the OTP verification is complete,  you will now have to enter your personal information.
  • After you’ve entered your personal information, click on the PF number for which you want to file a complaint.
  • Select the Complaint Category and type the details of your complaint. If you have any photo and video evidence please upload it.
  • Once the grievance has been lodged, click ‘Add.’
  • Afterward, Click the ‘Submit’ button.

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