How to register the business with Amazon Pay?

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Registering your business with Amazon Pay offers you several benefits including fast, secure checkout, and latest features such as recurring payments to pre-orders and advanced fraud protection.

So, if you wish to increase sales and improve customer experience, you must register the business with Amazon Pay.

The complete process to register the business with Amazon Pay is mentioned in this article.

Stepwise to register the business with Amazon Pay

  • Go to and click “Merchant Sign Up”.
  • Enter the requested information and click “Submit”.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the registration process.
  • Go to Seller Central and select “Integration > Integration Central” from the navigation bar.
  • Under the “Manage client ID/store ID(s)” section, click “Create new client ID/store ID” and enter information about your application.
  • In the “Web Settings” section, specify the values for authorizing interactions between your website and Amazon.
  • Enter the “Allowed JavaScript origins” and “Allowed return URLs”.
  • Click “Save changes” to save your settings.
  • Note and save the Client ID/Store ID if you will be doing a custom integration.
  • Optionally, note and save your Merchant ID.
  • Optionally, create your own signature to use for signing your requests.

Solid reasons to use Amazon Pay for Business

Scan & Pay

Accept in-store payments through Amazon Pay’s QR code, accommodating various payment apps. Gain access to Amazon’s vast customer base and provide them with extra rewards from Amazon Pay.

Take a call from Expert

Amazon Pay Smart Stores

Allow your customers to embrace the future of shopping by accepting seamless digital payments via any payment method, including EMIs. Implement targeted rewards to attract and retain customers while increasing transaction volume. Personalize your storefront to boost customer traffic.

Online Payments with Amazon Pay

Deliver a smooth and gratifying payment experience to your customers using Amazon Pay.

They can utilize stored card information or make one-click payments using their Amazon Pay balance.

Amazon Pay Corporate Gift Cards

An ideal choice for employee rewards, client or channel partner gifts, customer promotions, festive gifting, sales incentives, and other business occasions. These gift cards can be used for shopping, bill payments, recharges, and transactions on over 1000 Amazon partner apps.

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