How to Renew your Trademark Registration Online in India 

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A trademark is the sign and maybe something from a logo, word, picture, and name to even a sound and label. To Renew your trademark online, you have to read proper instructions. Trademark registration is the initial step towards shielding your product name. After registration, it may be a precious asset for the corporation as a brand name, and the company may project its exclusive situation to customers.

In India, brand names are registered firstly for ten years and are owing to renewal after that. In this article, we will discuss on How to Renew your trademark registration online in India.

How to Renew your trademark registration online in India

In India, The trademark renewal may be done in 2 ways such as:

You may apply

  • for brand name renewal online to change any sign and words in your existing brand name.
  • You may apply for brand name renewal online without making any alterations to the existing brand name.

Steps for Renew your trademark in India

A Registered Trademark is only valid for 10 years, after which it needs to be renewed.

If you are a registered property owner, you are required to file the TM-R form to apply for trademark renewal. But this process is not quite easy. You need to take help from professionals. Professionals help you to fully understand how to renew a trademark in India.

What are the Documents Mandatory for the renewal of the brand name in India?

There are many documents needed to submit for renewal of brand name in India, such as:

  • Address proof and PAN card
  • official document of registration
  • brand name registration document issued by the registry
  • Control of legal representation if somebody else is filing or registering the brand name renewal application to the registry in your favor.

Benefits of Renew your Trademark Online

There are many benefits of Renew your trademark online in India, such as below:

  • Expansion of possession rights

The complete thought of registering a brand name for the company is to declare its privileges. When your brand name obtains registration, you take a significant step towards safe company privileges. Your unique right over the brand name gets extensive for another ten years with each brand name renewal.

  • Safety from litigation

With each brand name renewal, a person further enjoys seamless safety, not in favor of any frivolous court case. A timely brand name renewal makes it not possible for businesses and people to claim any privileges over the brand name rather than a registered brand name manager. More so, you may sue another company for unlawful use of a brand name if it is continuously registering in your name.

Renders Better Resources

  • Attracts the finest human being resources

When persons renew their brand name, it continually spreads the brand image, vision, or sole characteristic of your management. Naturally, brilliant youngster minds will desire to become connected with such a well-known brand. Due to the optimistic picture of brand-generated by your brand name, such brilliant human resources will effortlessly be disposed towards functioning for your management.

Importance of Trademark Registration in India

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