How to Start a Tiffin Service Business in India

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It’s not hard to start a food business if you enjoy putting on an apron, experimenting in the kitchen, and preparing delicious meals for the people you care about. There are a few ladies who are very gifted in the kitchen. They enjoy having people around for supper and having lunch together in a potluck style.

Good cuisine is always in high demand. Many people now commute long distances to their places of employment or study. You may send them some freshly cooked, home-cooked meals. Cloud kitchens inspired many ladies to send in their best regional or specialty dishes. The business concept for tiffin services is straightforward and may provide significant profits.

Learn how to start a tiffin service business in India through this article.

What is a Tiffin Service?

Foods are cooked in bulk, packaged, and delivered to the consumer on a contractual basis; this is known as a “tiffin service.” The tiffin service is generally available by students or employees living and working other than their hometown. However, tiffin service can target several other audiences and earn a decent profit. There is room for expansion in the tiffin industry because of the mutual benefits of lower costs for consumers and vendors.

Stepwise Procedure to Start a Tiffin Service Business in India

Invest Funds

The first step in launching a business is raising capital. In India, the average monthly cost of a tiffin service startup is roughly 10,000. The initial outlay for a tiffin service targeting a sizable clientele will rise in proportion to the size of the market targeted. The primary investment, which includes things like stoves and ovens, also shouldn’t be forgotten. You can invest from your pocket or get a small business loan.

Do Market Research                      

Doing market research before launching a business is crucial. It’s useful for pinpointing potentially fruitful avenues of expansion and development within a certain industry. For instance, you may cash in on the trend for Mangalorean cuisine by catering to the city’s thirst for authentic, home-cooked meals. If you’re trying to decide between starting a weekly tiffin service and only doing weekend catering, a thorough market analysis is essential. Furthermore, you need to analyze the competition and demand in your neighbourhood.

Create a Business Plan

To succeed in Tiffin Service Business, you need market and client knowledge. If you’re running a tiffin business, your first priority should be making good meals for a big number of people using a small amount of oil and spices.

Those who use tiffin services tend to be single professionals who enjoy home-cooked, cost-effective meals in the city. In turn, you must share your business’s profits with them. In addition, the tiffin service industry is interconnected with a wide variety of other enterprises through a chain-like structure. Careful consideration must be given to the selection of vegetables, seller who can supply fresh veggies, delivery person who is prompt and dependable, etc.

Here, you should create a business plan and decide the business location, business model type, margins and the costs of your products and services.

Acquire necessary License and Registrations

After understanding the market, it is now your turn to get the necessary licenses and registrations so that you can run your business legally. One of the most crucial registration that you will need in India for any and every food business is FSSAI Registration. The other beneficial registrations that you can take are GST Registration, Trademark Registration, Company Registration and MSME Registration.

Each of these offers significant benefits that can help you grow and sustain your tiffin service business and you can understand more about them through consulting our business advisors at: 8881-069-069 or find the helpful material at:

Get Insurance for your Business

Business insurance is just as important as individual insurance policies in case something should happen to you or your company. There is always the chance of anything going wrong in business, so it’s smart to take precautions in advance. You should talk to an insurance professional in your area about the type of protection you need.

Take measures to maintain hygiene and quality of foods offered

Today, personal cleanliness is paramount. As a tiffin service business, you know how important it is to keep your customers happy. Controlling pests on a regular basis, using gloves when packing and cooking, and thoroughly cleaning the kitchen are all options. Not only must anyone working with the food take their temperatures, wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water, and wear protective gear like gloves and masks, but they must also follow these rules strictly.

Partner with Delivery Providers

Selecting a trustworthy transport method is crucial. If the food you provide is of high quality and you always deliver on time, your tiffin service will stand out among the competition. The selected delivery method needs to be quick. In addition, they need to be able to adjust the length of their contract as needed and be reliable in meeting deadlines.


There are already plenty of tiffin centers, so you’ll need to be well-prepared to advertise your own. The most effective way to promote a business is on social media. You may advance in many ways by using social media like Facebook and Instagram and by working on your search engine optimization.

Pamphlets and posters placed strategically in your area are examples of offline marketing that can bring in clients. The Dabba delivery service in Mumbai has gained international renown. Distributing Marathi-language leaflets advertising your tiffin service is a great way to attract customers in Mumbai, where you may launch your new tiffin center company.

The business-friendly app WhatsApp Business may facilitate direct communication between you, your delivery partners, and your consumers.

A company’s finest marketing strategy is one that results in more of its existing clients buying from it again and again. Customer satisfaction is the key to gaining repeat business and word-of-mouth advertising from delighted clients. As a result, it’s crucial to always remember to respond constructively to feedback from customers.


In brief, keep in mind the following steps to start your tiffin service business:

  • Get the word out about your company using social media and Internet advertising.
  • Provide exclusive pricing and membership rewards to patrons.
  • Always provide delicious, freshly prepared meals.
  • Keep a regular schedule of deliveries.
  • Do not compromise on the legal registrations and licenses requirement.

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