How to start food business in Swiggy?

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Swiggy is a popular online food delivery platform in India, connecting customers with restaurants and other food establishments. If you’re a restaurant owner or food entrepreneur looking to expand your business, Swiggy can be a great way to reach a larger audience and generate additional revenue. Read this article to find out the process to start a food business in Swiggy.

Stepwise Process to start a Food Business in Swiggy

Create a Swiggy Partner Account

The first step to start a food business in Swiggy is to register an account online on the Swiggy Platform. To do so, you will need to visit the partner with us website of Swiggy. The link is available at: Partner with Us – Swiggy. Afterward, Swiggy’s sales representative will contact you and meet you in person.

Register Your Business

Once you’ve created an account, you’ll need to register your business with MCA(Ministry of Corporate Affairs). You will need to apply for Company Registration and choose the most suitable company formation type for your business. Company Registration is important as it allows you to open a current bank account, get funding through pitch deck and obtain necessary documents such as an incorporation certificate, PAN, TAN etc.  Set Up Your Menu

After you’ve registered your business, it’s time to set up your menu on Swiggy. This involves adding your restaurant’s dishes, drinks, and other items to the platform. You’ll need to include detailed descriptions, pricing, and high-quality photos of each item to help customers make informed decisions. You can also use Swiggy’s menu management tools to create and manage special offers, discounts, and other promotions.

Promote Your Business

Once you’ve set up your menu and your business is live on Swiggy, it’s time to start promoting your restaurant to potential customers. You can do this by using Swiggy’s marketing tools, such as sponsored ads, email campaigns, and social media posts. You can also leverage your marketing efforts, such as creating a website, running local ads, or using social media to promote your business.

Manage Your Business and Orders

To manage your business and orders on Swiggy, you’ll need to use the Swiggy Partner app. This app provides real-time updates on orders, deliveries, and customer feedback, as well as tools for managing your menu, prices, and promotions. You can also use the app to track your performance, expenses, and revenue, and to communicate with Swiggy’s support team if you have any issues or concerns.

Maintain Quality Standards

Maintaining quality standards is essential for success at Swiggy. This includes maintaining high standards of hygiene and cleanliness in your restaurant, preparing food to order, and using fresh ingredients. You should also ensure that your restaurant is complying with all local laws and regulations, including those related to food safety, health, and hygiene. Furthermore, FSSAI Registration is the mandatory requirement for every food business operator in India. You will also need to obtain FSSAI Registration online in order to sell on swiggy.

Manage Your Finances

Managing your finances is an important aspect of running a successful food business on Swiggy. This includes keeping track of your expenses, such as food and ingredient costs, utilities, and other overhead costs, as well as your revenue, such as sales and delivery fees. You’ll need to use financial management tools, such as accounting software or a spreadsheet, to track your income and expenses and make informed business decisions. One can also utilize online bookkeeping and accounting services to handle the business finances effectively and efficiently. Besides, you will need to generate e-invoices which you can easily do through premiere software such as Instabill.

Obtain other necessary Licenses

There are other important licenses that you need to obtain in order to conduct your food business on Swiggy. This includes:

  • GST Registration: GST Registration means registering with tax authorities in India and obtaining a unique GSTIN for your business. You will need to mandatorily do this if your business annual turnover exceeds Rs. 40 Lakhs and Rs. 20 Lakhs for special category states. Understand about GST in detail through contacting our GST experts or reading our detailed PDF guide available at: GST Registration PDF.
  • Trade License: Trade License is a legal way of notifying the government that you are starting or have started a business at a particular location. Every city or village government should be mandatorily notified through a trade license or the business can be shut down or you will have to face high penalties.
  • Trademark Registration:  A trademark registration is important for businesses these days in order to prevent the brand identity and build a solid brand image. Using trademark registration, you can protect your food business’s reputation.

Besides, you can also obtain MSME Registration to avail the benefits offered by the government for MSMEs.

Here are a few more points to consider when starting a food business on Swiggy:

Fees and commissions of Swiggy

Swiggy charges a commission on every order placed through the platform and additional fees for services like delivery, advertising, and marketing. It’s important to understand these fees and how they will impact your business’s profitability before you start using the platform.

Partnerships and collaborations of Swiggy 

Swiggy often partners with other companies and organizations to offer special promotions and discounts to customers. As a Swiggy merchant, you may have the opportunity to participate in these partnerships and collaborations, which can help you reach a larger audience and drive more sales.

Customer demographics

Understanding your target customer base is key to success at Swiggy. By analyzing customer data and feedback, you can learn more about your customers’ preferences and habits, and tailor your menu and marketing efforts accordingly.

By keeping these points in mind, you can set yourself up for success when starting a food business on Swiggy. With a well-planned strategy and a focus on customer satisfaction, you can use the platform to grow your business and reach a larger audience of hungry customers.

Document Requirement to Onboard Swiggy

Read our other detailed guides to know more about starting a food business in India at: How to Start Food Business in India and Essential information for Food Startup.

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In conclusion, Starting a food business on Swiggy can be a great way to reach a larger audience and generate additional revenue. With hard work, dedication, and a commitment to quality, you can build a successful food business on Swiggy and achieve your business goals.

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