India starts exporting GI-certified Jalgaon bananas to Dubai

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India starts exporting GI-certified Jalgaon bananas to Dubai is a new and major boost to Indian exports. It was possible only because of APEDA(Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority). The news that India starts exporting GI-certified Jalgaon bananas to Dubai has given hope to Indian farmers.

Therefore, in this article, we will read all about India’s exporting journey of Jalgaon banana. Besides, we will also understand APEDA, APEDA Registration, and its benefits.

Why India starts exporting GI-certified Jalgaon bananas?

Jalgaon is known as the ‘banana hub’ of Maharashtra. The Jalgaon banana is valued for approximately fifty percent of the State’s banana plantation. Interestingly, The quality of bananas from Jalgaon is different from other bananas.

The minerals and fibers in the Jalgaon furnish bananas with matchless quality. That’s why the Jalgaon soil is unique for banana cultivation. Consequently, In 2016, the Jalgaon Banana got the Geographical Indication(GI) Tag certification.

India starts exporting GI-certified Jalgaon banana to Dubai

The farmers of Tandalwadi village in Maharashtra’s Jalgaon district helped in sourcing about 22 tonnes of the banana having GI Certification. The farmers forming the cluster were under the new Agri export policy.

In 2016, Nisargraja Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) Jalgaon registered GI certification for the area’s bananas.

Hence, The export of Indian bananas is growing rapidly. In addition, farmers are adopting agricultural methods as per international standards.

Growing of Jalgaon Bananas having GI-Certification.

Indian exports are growing in terms of volume and value to 1.95 lakh tonne (Rs660 crore) in FY20 from 1.34 lakh tonne (Rs413 crore) in FY19. Furthermore, In FY21, the country exported 1.91 lakh tonnes of healthy fruit worth Rs. 619 crore.
India, which accounts for 25% of worldwide production, is now the major world producer of bananas.

Also, over 70% of the country’s banana output is contributed by Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Madhya Pradesh.

Know about APEDA

The APEDA Act formed the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) in December 1985.

It is mainly the legal organization that promotes the export of scheduled products from India. If a person or firm wishes to start an export business, it must be registered with APEDA.

APEDA supports farming and processed food product exports through various measures. For example, support to exporters, including infrastructure construction, quality, and marketplace development.

Besides, APEDA also holds worldwide buyer-seller meetings, virtual trade fairs to promote agricultural and processed food goods with importing nations.

APEDA Registration and its benefits

It is mandatory to get APEDA Registration for carrying out the export of agricultural products. Moreover, There are considerable advantages to having APEDA registration. The following are some of the most significant.

  • Financial support, knowledge, and assistance for exporting and manufacturing pre-programmed products.
  • APEDA Registration offers several training programs to assist businesses in improving their operations.
  • Equally important, APEDA Registration is a one-time process that is valid for five years.
  • APEDA helps in the marketing of the products as well. As a result, The highlighted firms of the APEDA Exporter directory discover new customers quickly.

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