Kerala Spices Board Launched Quality Improvement Program For Farmers

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A good news for Kerala exporters and farmers having Spice Board Registration. The news is Kerala Spices Board has launched a quality improvement program for farmers. This initiative will significantly benefit the merchant exporters, manufacturer exporters as well as farmers. This article discusses the latest details about the Kerala spices board’s quality improvement program for farmers.

What is a Spice Board?

The Spices Board (Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India) is a non-profit organization that aims to produce and market Indian spices across the world.

Therefore, The Spice Board of India offers Spice Board Registration to people who want to start a trade-in exporting spices and to ensure that the exporting business is not abused fraudulently.

Also, The Function of the Spice Board also includes the development of small and big cardamom, the promotion, development, and regulation of spice exports, and the quality control of spices for export.

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What are the benefits of Spice Board Registration?

  1. The Spice Board’s registration assists exporters and importers in connecting with one another
  2. It assists in the identification of suitable supplier sources for importers’ specific requirements, as well as processing international trade inquiries and forwarding them to trustworthy exporters.
  3. Spice Board hosts group programs that bring international organizations, exporters, and policymakers together.
  4. According to the authorities’ announcement of April 2008, RCMC is not required after the Spices Board’s (CRES) since it is considered as a Registration-cum-Membership Certificate. As a result, spice exporters that have a Spice Board Registration do not need to apply for RCMC.
  5. The Spice Board is also responsible for keeping an up-to-date data bank for exporters and importers. As a result, exporters who have registered are always up to speed on market demands.
  6. Spice Board Registration aids in the provision of additional services that may be necessary to grow the export company.

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Kerala Spices Board Launched Quality Improvement Program For the benefit of Farmers & exporters in India

  • The Spices Board has created a Quality Improvement Training Programme for farmers to assist them in avoiding hazardous chemicals in crop production, such as cardamom, in order to avoid export refusal. According to Spices Board officials, there have been some cases of refusal in the past, but the Board’s officials are working upon the details concerned on a regular basis to help farmers solve the issue.
  • Quality improvement training programs will be held regularly to assist farmers and create awareness among them about the use of chemicals in spice cultivation.
  •  The Kerala Agricultural University (KAU) has meanwhile started a three-year program to prove the organic cultivation of cardamom. The program has completed one year of operation and the results will be studied in detail, said a KAU source.
  • Local cardamom prices continue to vary, according to a senior scientist at the institute, and the only option to get a better price is to expand exports significantly. He also said that the organic cardamom cultivation project so far has shown positive results.

Thus, Many exporters are availing plenty of benefits by getting Spice Board Registration.

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