Lockdown Positive Impacts on Environment

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Today, the world is witnessing the COVID-19 Lockdown. However, we have begun to notice some Positive Impacts on the Environment due to this lockdown.

On this Environment Day, we must analyze the importance of Eco-friendly living. During these disease-ridden times, climate change has become a grave concern, and we all need to address it urgently.

If we look into the positive side, the lockdown has not only resulted in the healing of the environment but has also given us a chance to build our immunity to prevent such diseases in the future. Let’s first see some Positive Environmental Impacts due to this lockdown:


Better Air Quality in Environment:

After the lockdown in many countries, the traveling was restricted, hence, fewer cars & vehicles and flights. This led to the clearing of air pollution, marked decline in NO2 emission. This led to improved air quality index (AQI) in many cities. As a matter of fact, residents of Jalandhar in Punjab could see the Dhauladhar mountain range for the first time in 30 years.

air environment

Improved Water quality:

Due to low footfalls near water bodies, the water quality has improved. For instance, in Venice, the water became so clear that fishes could be seen there. Even in Delhi, there is an improvement in water quality in the Yamuna river owing to the absence of industrial waste being discharged into it.

yamuna water environment

Ways to maintain environment balance

This Environment Day, we all must resolve to work on maintaining environmental balance after the lockdown. Here’s how we can do so-

  • Using eco-friendly modes of transport.
  • Using efficient modes of energy e.g. LED bulbs, solar power based appliances, etc.
  • Conducting regular Environmental Impact Assessment of the country.

Environmental Day 2020: Role of Environmental Impact Assessment


  • Private organizations must focus on the principles of ISO 14001 certification for Environmental Management System.

These are some ways we can ensure a healthy planet to live on.

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