MCA extend time for 45 company ROC compliance forms

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The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has announced an extension of time for filing 45 company e-forms, including PAS-03 and SPICe+ Part A, in MCA v3 Portal with no additional late fee. The circular issued by the MCA on 21-02-2023 provides relief to companies that were facing difficulties in filing these e-forms within the original due date.

Extension of Time for Filing Forms on MCA Portal

  • In view of the difficulties faced by companies, the MCA has extended the due date for filing 45 e-forms, including PAS-03 and SPICe+ Part A, in the MCA v3 Portal.
  • Companies can now file these e-forms without any additional late fee, as long as they are filed within the extended deadline.

The extension of time for filing these eforms is a welcome relief for companies that were struggling to comply with the original due date.

It will also help companies avoid additional late fees that they would have had to pay if they missed the original deadline.

Source: Extension of Time for filing of 45 company e-Forms 

Circular Extends Filing Time for 45 Forms 

The Circular has announced an extension of time until 31.03.2023 for filing 45 forms, including the process of registration of users on MCA21, due for filing between 07.02.2023 and 28.02.2023.

This decision was made due to the change in the way of filing in Version-3 and the process of stabilisation of these forms launched on 23.01.2023.

In addition to General Circulars No. 1/2023 dated 09.01.2023 and 03/2023 dated 07.02.2023, the Circular has been issued after considering various representations.

This extension of time will be available to stakeholders without additional fees.

Further Relaxations in Filing Requirements for Companies

In addition to the extension of filing time for 45 forms and user registration in MCA21 until 31.03.2023 without additional fees, the General Circular announced further relaxations.

  • Form PAS-03, which was closed for filing in Version-2 on 20.01.2023 and launched in Version-3 on 23.01.2023, can also be filed without payment of additional fees till 31.03.2023 if its due date for filing falls between 20.01.2023 and 28.02.2023.
  • The reservation period for names that are reserved under sub-section (5) of section 4 of the CA 2013 has also been extended by a further period of 20 days.
  • Additionally, the resubmission period falling between 23.01.2023 and 28.02.2023 under rule 9 of Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014 has been extended by 15 days.


The MCA v3 portal is an online platform where companies can register, file e-forms, and perform other compliance-related activities.

Recently, a Chartered Accountant in Kerala had filed a case in the High Court, citing technical glitches on the MCA portal.

The portal’s glitches have caused disappointment among practitioners, as they have encountered various issues while attempting to make online filings.

As a result, companies faced difficulties in filing these e-forms due to various reasons.


The MCA’s decision to extend the e-filing deadline is certainly a positive step, yet there is still ample room for improvement to make the portal more user-friendly and compliance-friendly.

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