MCA notifies Procedure for Physical Verification of Registered Office of a Company

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The Corporate Affairs Ministry (MCA) has instituted guidelines to strengthen the verification process post-incorporation as part of its ongoing effort to eliminate shell corporations and dormant firms.  This article will inform you all about the latest notification from MCA in order to eliminate shell companies.

MCA notification on Third Amendment Rules, 2022 Physical Verification of company Registered Office

The Companies (Incorporation) Third Amendment Rules, 2022 have been announced by MCA. With the addition of new Rule 25B, the method of in-person verification of a company’s registered office is now specifically outlined.

According to the new regulation, ROC must physically verify the location of the registered office of the company in the presence of two witnesses who are residents of the same neighborhood as the registered office. ROC can also contact the local police for help with verification if necessary.

Any time the Registrar has to verify the actual location of a company’s registered office, he or she must have on hand the original papers that were submitted with Form MCA 21.

Additionally, “copies of supporting documentation of such address gathered during the said physical verification, fully validated by the occupant of the property where the said registered office is situated” should be used to double-check the originals for authenticity.

What if the Company Registered Office is not capable of receiving communications?

In the event that the company’s registered office is unable to receive and acknowledge all correspondence and notifications, the RoC will notify the company and its directors of his intent to remove the business’s name from the register of companies.

In addition, the registrar must provide the company and its directors 30 days from the date of the notice to respond with their explanations and copies of any relevant documents before taking any action under Section 248 of the Companies Act, 2013.

The new laws make it easy to check a company’s actual location and confirm that it matches its official records.

Report on Physical Verification of the Registered Office of the company

The report’s format is prescribed below. This report must also include the date, location, official’s name, title, and signature, as well as the official’s address.

(a) Name and CIN of the company

(b) Latest address of the registered office of the company as per MCA 21 record

(c) Date of authorisation letter issued by the Registrar of Companies

(d) Name of the Registrar of Companies

(e) Date and Time of Visit for physical verification of the registered office

(f) Location details along with the landmark

(g) Details of the person available, if any at the time of the visit such as the name of a person, father’s name, residential address and relationship with the company etc.

(h) Any remarks

(i) List of the documents attached

  • A copy of the agreement/ownership/rent agreement/NOC of the registered office of the company from owner/tenant/lessor
  • Photograph of the registered office
  • Self-attested ID-Card of the person available
  • Any other document


The new Companies (Incorporation) Third Amendment Rules, 2022 are designed to ensure that a company’s registered address is accurate. The subject of this Amendment, the in-person verification of the company’s registered office, is addressed in a new regulation 25B that has been added by this Amendment. Therefore, you should be alert about this new regulation. If you can’t afford a physical address or it is not feasible in the long term for your business, you can also get Virtual Office for Company Registration.

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