New Feature On GST Portal To Combat Fake GST Registration

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New Feature On GST Portal To Combat Fake GST Registration is a Most awaited feature. As we all know, a PAN(Permanent Account Number) card helps in revealing an individual’s identity. The PAN card has become more critical than ever. The reason is, it is majorly used to identify and track all the financial information. Furthermore, for ITR Filing & GST Registration, it is mandatory to have a PAN Card.

Beware of PAN Card Misuse

There have been many cases where fraudsters used a PAN Card of someone else to get GST Registration. As a result, those businesses started claiming input for fake invoices. Moreover, the counterfeit companies having fraud GST registration used to issue invoices without mentioning GSTIN numbers.

It resulted in difficulty to track transactions, and fraudsters had an advantage. Therefore, the government has introduced a New Feature On Gst Portal To Combat Fake Gst Registration.

New Feature On Gst Portal To Combat Fake Gst Registration

The feature has been implemented for taxpayers to file complaints on the GST portal. It allows logging the complaint concerning the breach of PAN’s misuse for GST registration.

Consequently, It will monitor the misuse, track the fraud and aid police while investigating and canceling the registration. After the complaint is lodged, it gets forwarded for the appropriate inquiry to the competent body concerned, and proper action is taken where the registration is claimed illegally.

Follow these steps- Tutorial to check misuse of PAN to register a complaint on misuse of Pan card in GST Registration

Tips to prevent the misuse of PAN

The misuse of your PAN can result in severe damage to you or your business. Therefore, experts recommend following some precautionary steps as mentioned below to prevent the misuse of PAN Card.

  • Firstly, Don’t upload your documents on free tools available on the internet.
  • Secondly, Don’t share your PAN Card with anyone else except a trustworthy and reputable CA consultancy.
  • Besides submitting a PAN Card to the CA consultancy firm, make sure to submit signed copies with the date written on them.
  • Try not to share your PAN Card details for any ordinary transaction or where it isn’t mandatory.
  • Lastly, don’t share your PAN card or essential documents on social media.

In conclusion, the New Feature On Gst Portal To Combat Fake Gst Registration will aid a lot to reduce frauds and ensure more transparency. Taxpayers can now safely get GST Registration online and verify the same on the GST Portal.

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