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Following the introduction of the newly revised rates of GST as per the 47th GST Council meeting, There is a lot of confusion among the public regarding a variety of things. This is not the only issue, but due to the rise in GST on everyday items the public is also seeing an increase in daily use items. This message is now appearing via platforms like Facebook to inform people that GST will also be charged on the services offered by crematoriums. In this regard, the government has introduced GST on burial, funeral or mortuary services, such as cremation, and this too at a high tax slab of 18% GST. As a result, the government has given clarification on this matter.

Government’s Clarification on GST on Funeral Services

The government has declared that there is no Goods and Services Tax (GST) on services for funerals, burials, crematoriums, or mortuaries. The press Information Bureau (PIB) announced on twitter that claims to the effect there is GST on these services were misleading.


Furthermore, In this instance, GST at an amount of 18% will be in force for work contracts and not for the service, PIB said.

You can understand more about Work Contracts at: What is a work contract under GST: Taxability ITC, etc.

PIB Check updates no GST on funeral services

PIB Fact Check has given extensive details about this after reviewing this fake message. PIB Fact Check has termed the report about this announcement of the Central Government imposing 18 per percent GST on cremation services as a complete lie.

Furthermore, PIB Fact Check has clarified via a tweet that this claim is false and not to spread it. There isn’t GST for funeral, burial cremation, mortuary or funeral services.

A lot of these messages continue to go all over the internet, and they’re not factual. If you’d like to check the validity of any post, you can perform an investigation using PIB to discover the truth behind it.

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