No Need of Permit to Contractor for Construction in Noida

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The Noida authority announced that permit to contractor for construction in Noida would not be mandatory from now onwards. While the whole country is undergoing the COVID-19 Crisis, the Noida authority has given this good news for citizens.

That means builders won’t have to run here and there for getting permit approvals. This step ensures that builders can now resume their work seamlessly.

This would be one of the most noteworthy Building construction news of Delhi NCR.


Substitute Rules for the permit to contractor for construction in Noida

Although no permit for Construction in Noida is needed, the Noida Authority will still conduct surprise checks at all the construction sites located in Noida.
The prime motive of the inspectors would be to guarantee that all staff is properly sanitized and that social distancing norms are being properly followed.


Safety Rules during Construction Work

In this regard, the Noida Authority has given certain key safety norms for all the construction sites located in Noida, along with strict social distancing norms:-

  • The Construction Work in containment or Red Zones is still prohibited.
  • Ritu Maheshwari, who is the CEO(Chief Executive Officer) of Noida authority, has announced that social distancing norms are mandatory for all the workers at the construction site.
  • She also orders that every worker should have sanitization carried out multiple times in a day.

Hold on! There’s another great Noida authority news:-


The Noida authority announces the opening of Public Parks

Yes! The Noida authority has now announced that all Public Parks will be opened once again! However, here too the strict social distancing rules are to be followed. The parks shall be open only for certain timings during the day.


Social distancing rules for Public Parks

Here are the Social distancing rules laid by the Noida authority for visiting the Public Parks:-

  • The parks shall remain open for residents for twice a day. The parks will remain open in the morning and evening.
  • The morning timings for the morning are from 7 am to 10 am.
  • The evening timings are 4 pm to 7 pm.
  • Indu Parkash Singh who is the director of the horticulture department in Noida said that timings are in consideration with presently allowed guidelines that prohibit the movement of people between 7 pm and 7 am. This is the night curfew time.

Wait! There is another great news for all the builders of India:-


RERA Registration time Extended!

The government has now extended the date for RERA registration and completion by 6 months for all registered projects expiring on or after 25th March 2020 without individual applications.

The decision to rule out the permit to contractor for Construction in Noida is extremely helpful. If builders and workers also implement these social distancing norms and abide by the rules of Noida authority, it will be beneficial to everyone. Moreover, it will help them in completing there work efficiently and at a quicker pace. These great Building construction news of Delhi NCR give a hint that India is now resuming to normal from the lockdown situation.

Other districts that are not in the Red Zone can learn from Noida authority and can start working again. It will help our nation to boost economic conditions quickly.


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