Opportunities in export of agricultural products from India

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The agricultural culture of India, as well as its diverse regional environment, have made a major contribution to the world’s food bucket. Indian curries, spices, snacks, and mangoes are famous around the world for their high quality. As a result, The export of agricultural products from India is a very profitable business. Therefore, In this article, we will read about opportunities to export agricultural products and how APEDA Registration helps you utilize these opportunities.

Facts about Export of Agricultural Products from India

  • In March–June 2020, total exports of agricultural products were worth Usd 3.50 billion.
  • Grape exports worth Usd 43.51 million from April to September 2020.
  • From April to September 2020, India was exporting pulses worth US$ 163.90 million. Besides, export of dairy products was worth US$ 89.50 million.
  • Natural honey exports worth Usd 40.81 million from April to September 2020.
  • India is the world’s biggest milk-producing country. Therefore, Experts estimate that by 2024, the nation’s milk production hit 330 million tonnes (MT).
  • Natural honey exports worth Usd 40.81 million from April to September 2020.

Enormous opportunities for Export of Products in India

Here’s the complete list of products you can target after getting APEDA Registration for your export business. These products are available in India and have a great demand around the globe. However, you can also focus on the other scheduled products under APEDA by doing proper market research.

  • Fruits, vegetables and their products
  • Honey, Meat and Meat products
  • Poultry and poultry products
  • Jaggery and sugar
  • Guar Gum
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Herbal and medicinal plants
  • The dairy produces cereal and cereal products
  • Cocoa and its products
  • Chocolates of all kinds
  • Floriculture and floriculture products
  • Confectionery, biscuits and bakery products
  • Groundnuts, peanuts, and walnuts

Know about APEDA

The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) is a government agency that the government of India constituted in 1985 to promote and expand scheduled commodity exports. Since, it is a government body, It provides funding, information, and guidance for the production of planned goods.

Scheduled Products Under APEDA

Understand APEDA Registration

All the exporters must avail themselves the APEDA Registration before carrying out Export business. It is mandatory to apply for the application form within one month of starting the trade.

Mandatory Documents for A.P.E.D.A. Registration

The mandatory documents for APEDA Application are mentioned below.

  • An application form that has been duly signed
  • a copy of the D.G.F.T. Bank’s Import-Export code having Authorities’ signatures on a certificate
  • a bank Account statement of the firm’s bank account (for the previous two months)
  • Cancelled Cheques

Perks of APEDA Registration

There are unlimited perks of having your business under the registration of APEDA. Some of the most beneficial perks are as follows.

  • Having an APEDA registration also aids in the promotion of a company’s goods.
  • New customers easily find companies mentioned in the APEDA Exporter Directory. As a result, it helps in expanding the business.
  • Exporters receive financial assistance, as well as information and guidance, to produce and export pre-planned goods.
  • Also, apeda registration offers a variety of training programs. It aids the companies to improve their operations.

Flower Exports from India- APEDA Registration

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