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An average venture capitalist might view hundreds of startup pitch decks annually. Despite the little window of opportunity, a succinct, thorough, and strategically placed VC pitch deck can pique curiosity, start a dialogue, and secure the funding—and future—for your business.

Let’s examine every piece of information on the pitch deck for venture capital Funding in India in this article.

What is Pitch Deck?

The pitch deck is your business card and a compelling description of the opportunity you have found. Before agreeing to see you, investors will first view your pitch deck. In simple words, it is a presentation that gives an overview of your company to investors so that they can easily understand your business goals. It is the collection of slides that makes the first impression on an investor’s mind. Most investors decide whether to invest in your business or not depending upon the pitch deck. Therefore, make sure to include all the necessary elements of the pitch deck.

In essence, creating a pitch deck is a communication exercise. The pitch deck informs potential investors about your company’s overview and important market data. The problem being handled in detail, the market and competitive landscapes, growth scenarios, and the founding team’s capacity to seize the opportunity are all included. The goal of a pitch deck should be to provide a convincing, succinct, and believable case for why potential investors should invest in your company. Pitch Deck is similar to selling your story to investors so that they come on your side and help your business grow.

It is important to know that startups can also use pitch decks even if you are at seed round level. Know more at: How to Build Your Seed Round Pitch Deck and How to raise funding for tech based startups ? Seed Funding Support for Technology Based Startups 

How to create the best Pitch Deck?

Although there isn’t a set structure for the perfect pitch deck for startup as each business is unique. , However, there are a few key elements that support the startup’s idea.

  • The Best Decks Have a Cohesive Proposal: It is worthwhile to put the time and effort into crafting a clear statement that captures the heart of the project and its impact.
  • Clear Product Description: Although it may seem simple, many entrepreneurs find it challenging to define their products in plain terms. Therefore, you should be able to communicate about your product in simple words..
  • Showing versus Telling: It is preferable to demonstrate a working product or prototype than to provide a thorough description of it. The strongest pitch deck is one that includes a product demo. However, the pitch deck should effectively communicate the essence of the product’s capabilities when a product demo is not feasible.One can use augmented reality in a pitch deck to clearly demonstrate the working of their pitch deck. For this, you may need to outsource pitch deck creation.
  • Claims of Omnipotence: Avoid exaggerating the benefits of your offering and disparaging your rivals in order to make a good impression. Be sure to draw attention to the product’s advantages in an effective manner, such as its strong points or distinctive strategy.
  • Strength of the Team: The narrative in the deck must persuade the investors that the founding team is capable of carrying out its declared mission and realizing its stated goals.
  • Funding Requirement and Purpose: Your pitch deck is different from a business plan.Understand the difference b/w pitch deck and business plan. Therefore, make sure to provide only relevant information and be concise with the funding requirement and purpose. You should also mention how can investors communicate with you if they want to negotiate investment offer or have another offer that might help your business.


Despite the fact that each firm is unique, effective pitch decks contain some crucial information that is the same for all companies. As was mentioned before, the objective of the pitch deck is not to raise capital but rather to pique investors’ curiosity in order to secure a follow-up meeting. Consult our experts for free at: 8881-069-069 if you are looking for an effective pitch deck for venture capital funding in India. Our experts are here to assist you and provide you a successful pitch deck that may help you turn your dreams into reality.

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How to create the Best Pitch Deck Funding Proposal

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