Restaurants mandate to mention FSSAI Registration Number

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The restaurant’s mandate to mention FSSAI Registration Number on bills is the latest update in the restaurant sector. The objective of this step is to improve the grievance system. Furthermore, FSSAI believes it will help to generate overall awareness about FSSAI. Experts believe this move will benefit consumers by making it easier to complain about a restaurant. Therefore, In this article, we will read about Restaurants mandate to mention FSSAI Registration Number on bills.

Know about FSSAI

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is an independent organization by the Government of India under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.

It provides several guidelines and systematic approaches to ensure food safety and hygiene.

Moreover, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is the only organization that governs and observes the food, milk, and allied products industries and assures food product quality standards.

Restaurants are mandated to mention FSSAI Registration Number on bills.

The Indian Food Safety and Standard Authority FSSAI has made it compulsory to display its FSSAI license or registration number. It is necessary to mention it on payslips, invoices, or bills for sales of the product from 1 October 2021. The mandate also applies to all micro, small or midsize companies in the nation.

Why are Restaurants mandated to mention FSSAI Registration Number on bills?

FSSAI said, in case of any irregularity, a customer can easily file a complaint against the operator using the FSSAI number mentioned on the bill. This move will ease consumers’ effort in registering a complaint about a restaurant.

Otherwise, it is difficult in absence of the license number on the bill or cash memo.

Furthermore, the move would enable consumers to access data about a specific food business present on FSSAI’s website or the Food Safety Connect mobile application.

Also, these steps of mentioning FSSAI numbers on bills will also help in improving traceability for food products.

What if restaurants don’t have an FSSAI license number or FSSAI Registration on bills?

October afterward, not mentioning an FSSAI license number or FSSAI Registration on the bill will indicate non-compliance or non-registration by the food business. These can lead to hefty penalties in lakhs of rupees.

know about FSSAI Registration

Whether it’s manufacturing, refining, packaging, shipping, or storing, it is mandatory to have an FSSAI registration or a food license if you enter the food industry.

There are some criteria for FSSAI Registration.

For example, a Food Business with a turnover of up to ₹12 Lacs needs Basic FSSAI registration. A state license is required if turnover is between ₹12 Lacs and ₹2 Crores.

Understand the benefits of FSSAI Registration

There are several benefits of having an FSSAI license number or FSSAI Registration. Some of the most notable ones are as follows.

  • The FSSAI certificate suffices to meet the legal requirements of doing business in India.
  • FSSAI License indicates to your customers that the food you’re making, storing, or selling is of the highest quality and has received regulatory approval.
  • FSSAI registration provides government grants and loans that are readily available to organizations.
  • After getting the registration under FSSAI, businesses can use FSSAI Mark. This mark helps in boosting the credibility of the product.

Directions To Facilitate Food Business During Covid-19: FSSAI

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