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GST Number plays an important role in Business after successful GST Registration. However, many of us don’t know about the GST Number or how to search for the GST Number. Therefore, In this article, you will get to know the stepwise procedure to search GST Number Using PAN. The easiest way to search for a GST Number Using PAN. In addition, You will get to know other important information about GST Number and PAN.

What is the GST Number?

The GST Number or GSTIN is an important identification tool. Every person who gets GST Registration in India also gets the GST Number.

Similar to the single taxation system(GST), the GST Number is a single number usable for a variety of purposes.

The GST Number has fifteen alphanumeric digits. It is mandatory to mention the GST Number on the invoices and the premises of the business.

The format of the GST Number is as follows:

  • First two digits of the GST Number signifies the state number.
  • The next digits of the GSTIN from three to twelve define the PAN Number.
  • The thirteenth digit of the GST Number indicates the serial number of GST Registration in the particular state. In simple words, it is the number of GST Registration in that specific state.
  • The last two digits of the GSTIN are random. However, the second last digit is generally Z and the last digit is checksum or unused.

Procedure to Search GST Number Using PAN 

Procedure to Search GST Number Using PAN 

You can follow the steps mentioned below to search GST Number Using PAN.

  • Go to the official GST Portal at –
  • On the menu bar, select the ‘Search Taxpayer’ Option.
  • The new dialogue box will appear providing you the three options:
    • Search By GSTIN/UIN
    • Search By PAN
    • Search Temporary ID
    • Search Composition Taxpayer
  • Here choose the ‘Search By PAN’ Option. It will redirect to the new page.
  • Enter the PAN Number in the dialogue box and fill the captcha correctly.
  • Click on Search and it will display all the results.

What is PAN?

PAN Stands for Permanent Account Number. It is a unique and a single identification number to identify the taxpayers in India.

The Income Tax Department uses the PAN as a single identification tool to identify the important tax related information of the taxpayers. Both the Individual and Businesses or companies are eligible to get PAN Registration.

You can get the PAN Number printed on a physical card and it is known as a PAN Card.

Important Note: No two single taxpayers whether company or an individual can have the same PAN Number. In simple words, PAN Number is unique for everyone.

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The format of PAN Card is as follows:

  • Name of the taxpayer(Company or Individual).
  • Father’s Name in case of Individual PAN Card Owner.
  • Company Incorporation Date in Case of Company.
  • Date of Birth in case of an Individual PAN Card Holder.
  • PAN Number having the Ten Alphanumeric digits where:
    • First three digits of PAN are always alphabets from A to Z.
    • The fourth digit signifies the type of taxpayer. For example, the P is for Individual or a Person and the C for a company.
    • The fifth digit of the PAN Number signifies the first alphabet of the surname. However, in case on non-individual it is the first character of the PAN Holder’s Name.
    • The next four digits are random and the last digit i.e. tenth is always an alphabet.
  • Photo of the PAN Card Holder
  • Signature

Why is it important to search GST Number using PAN?

Every firm interacting with GST registered taxpayers must conduct a GST number search by PAN to check the legitimacy of the supplier and the GSTIN or GST number used for invoice. Furthermore, It helps you make a better decision while transacting also helps you in avoiding fraud and made sure that this particular company has GST Return filing on time.

Prohibitive addresses for GST Registration

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